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  1. Man that Knox-class looks amazing.... Fingers crossed you manage to get it working one day!
  2. Just preset the loadout that you want people to use in the mission. But if it's a public server that you want to control, then 4x HARM on a Viper is the least of your worries.
  3. Just leave it as is and focus on more important DCS: F-16C related tasks. Let mission builders decide what is allowed and what is not.
  4. Is it possible to somehow remove the Etendard that is always on the carrier deck? We can use static planes of higher quality to populate the deck or change the arrangement.
  5. When does this happen? How can it be reproduced?
  6. Noticed the same. AIM-9L is all-aspect on all planes except the F-16C and F/A-18C.
  7. CIWS shells pass through AGM-65 family and Mavericks therefore can not be intercepted.
  8. Wow! Very nice addition to DCS. We desperately need more 70's and 80's ships. Thanks for bringing our attention to this.
  9. RIM-7 Sea Sparrow fired by ships do not track airborne targets, but only fly in a straight line and explode. Tested on DCS Open Beta.
  10. Ohh wow. Those are looking good indeed...
  11. Looking forward! Ships that bridge the gap between big scary destroyers/cruisers and small boats like Molniya are needed the most in DCS. Ships like the above Tarantul and maybe things like Knox-class frigate or something. Thanks again for your work!
  12. I look forward to seeing it in action! DCS badly needs ships that are less lethal to planes, like the above Tarantul class, ships that don't require planes to carry Harpoons to attack them with. Thanks!
  13. ED needs to put these ships in base game. Amazing work! Is your Spruance also going to get released?
  14. This addition has just made this the best map in the whole of DCS for me and my squadron! Thank you Ugra Media!
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