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  1. It seems "FC2 Higher Fov" or 6DOF mod causes this;I'm not sure which one or both may be effecting it,I'll test and report back.
  2. I'm having this issue with a-10a too;any solutions?
  3. Hi all; I'm in serious trouble.Lock On Flaming cliffs 2 frontend is launching but the simulator.exe is not starting because of this error message. "The application module World.dll was modified...." I've attached the screenshots.After clicking ok, a second error message shows up saying simulator.exe - Application Error. Then it comes back to the mission briefing screen. After having those error messages I've done a clean install of windows xp but I still get the same error messages.By the way it is same with DCS Black Shark too before clean install of xp.Samethings happened but
  4. Hi again and thanks guys; I did everything from scratch(reset bios,cleared partitions,format disk completely) but stiil no good,still stuttering heavily;then I plugged another harddisk to computer and just copied the Lock On folder to it and ran the game from that disk,not only it plays a lot smoother but it loads faster(same as before this problem began) than my original disk's current status. After this I'm going to install my other computer's harddisk which has another copy of Lock On installed and observe the changes,I'll update this post as soon as possible after testing it.
  5. Hi all; My system specs are;E6600;Asus P5B mobo;2x1GB Twinmos Ram;MSI 8800GTS 320Mb;Seagate 160GB SATAII Disk,Samsung 931c LCD. Running with nVidia drivers 158.19 and latest bios update. Here is my problem(Not LockOn Specific),after messing with my bios settings(played with ram latency's and harddisk IDE/AHCI mode settings) games are now running very choppy and stutter badly. Before that everything was as smooth as a baby's bottom(IL2 1946,rFactor,PES6 and LockOn) Here is step by step what I did prior to this problem. 1.Everything is fine and running great,my stupid self de
  6. My post was not direct reply to you Hughjeres;I think I caused a slight misderstanding;sorry.I should have quoted matsijatsi's post,maybe he was missing something.
  7. Thanks ED;got the new key.
  8. This week I mailed them with my old key and order number;It only took them less than 4 days to send the new key.Maybe you're missing something?
  9. I think they are still fighting with flu; I recently gathered a new system; I am too waiting for a new key. Come on ED support team, I can't stand flying in 1.02.
  10. You are right,but on some occasions -I double checked it- that's not the case; Let me please explain the situation,If lights are set to all and haze is set to advanced when the game starts;switching them to "weapons only,basic" respectively makes light effects disappear.Then switching both of them to "all,advanced" makes light effects show up correctly. BUT!!;when the game is started with settings with lights set to "weapons only" and haze is to "basic";then changing them to "all,advanced" makes only runway lights project light to its surrounding,there is no light effects from the gear l
  11. Yes,I turned on advanced haze and lights set to "all",it is ok now but everytime after changing the settings, I think it is necessary to restart Lock On for settings to take effect.
  12. Hi all,gear lights on Su25T are not projected (runways not lightened) altough the animation of light is shown.I remember having those lights,now they are not there(I don't fly night operations frequently!!). I think flares not illuminating the ground is related with the above problem. In graphics settings effects and lights are set to maximum settings;what may cause these problems?Any ideas?
  13. This is not going to solve your problem I think,but; I use my Logitech Momo pedals (only throttle and brake pedals) as rudder in Lock On;in Logitech profiler they are forced as "combined axis".Lock on config does the rest.
  14. Thanks rattler;it is working great now,textures showing up correctly except there is no f15_textures.cdds file in bazar\world\ folder,only f15_maintextures.cdds and f15_newtextures files,added both of them to the graphics.cfg file. One more thing,I think there is mistyping in your post,lines end with ";" instead of ":" This gave me a little headache (Lockon.exe giving error) but overcame it quickly. Thanks again.
  15. Hi guys; Thanks for the model but I am missing pilot textures,under airbrake area textures and interior nozzles textures although I updated the model with the latest update found in walmis' signature. Can anyone help me?
  16. Hi all, While playing LockOn,when I go back to desktop and check the processor load,it shows Lockon.exe is using 46-50 % of it.Is this normal or is it have to be higher something like 90-95 %. My system specs are; P4 2,8 Ghz. Gigabyte IPE1000g Rev 3.xx F6 bios update. 1 Ghz Dual Channel Ram Winfast 7800 GS 256 Mb Ram Thanks.
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