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  1. My nav has just changed his name by dipole to "Wiley" "Archie" sounds too much like WW1 anti-aircraft guns to me! lol
  2. The throttle triggers do not seem to be working with the relevant option selected under the Special tab for the Mosquito. Under the "Throttle Detent" options if you select "Automatically Jump Over" when you push the throttles forward you can see the triggers lift and both throttles go through the gate as they should. However if I select the "Depress Triggers To Lift Locks" option and bind a switch on my throttle to "Throttle Handle Trigger - Press" the throttle behaves the same way as before, ie both throttle triggers lift automatically when you push the throttles forward. I would expect this to behave similar to going through the gate into reheat on say the F16, where the throttle should only go up to the gate and stop unless you press the bound switch which would lift the triggers allowing both throttles to go beyond the trigger lock. Easy to reproduce, just jump into a cold and dark Mossie with "Depress Triggers To Lift Locks" selected on your options tab, bind a switch to "Throttle Handle Trigger - Press" Don't push the bound switch, just push both throttles forward and they both jump over the gate as if they were set to "Automatically Jump Over"
  3. Update I just posted on the ED Discord and BIGNEWY is aware of the issue and ED are looking into it.
  4. Same here. Just tried to log in and it says "incorrect password" so I can go no further. I know it is the right password as I use it everyday! I also just tried to run a repair and get the message "Version is not available. Consider updating"!
  5. I'll chime in with this :- First run of Merlin 25 engine in 50 years! - YouTube I realise it isn't a whole Mossie, BUT, it is a Merlin 25 that is destined to be fitted into a Mossie and it looks as if it's using the coolant radiator set up from a Mossie and the gauges on the operators panel look to be from the aircraft. Notice the RPM gauge (top left of the operators panel in the video) when the engine is running and how the 100 rpm needle is bouncing about.
  6. I selected the option to move to the gunsight when it was switched on, but nothing happens when I do, no view change. I will continue to test, I may have missed something but as far as I can see at the moment it does not work my end. This is on a MP server. I'm also in VR.
  7. She is everything I hoped she would be and more. Definitely worth the wait. Simply stunning in VR. Well done ED on a great release.
  8. Quick, someone get a bucket of water......Bozon's fainted!! @Basco.......Classic.
  9. BIGNEWY said on Discord that the Mosquito is planned to be in this patch, so hopefully a release this week.
  10. Well, on a lighter note it looks as if we all may end the week on a happier note!!
  11. No it doesn't, however it's a completely different type of gauge. The Mossie gauge has two hands like a clock, the smaller hand reading 0-1000 rpm steps (0 to 1 on the dial) and the larger one, the one we are seeing the fluctuations on, measuring 100 rpm steps (0 to 1 on the gauge = 0 to 100 rpm), so on your gif above what we are seeing is an rpm fluctuation of around 50 rpm. The gauge is reading 2830 to 2880 rpm, averaging around 2850 rpm. Spitfire rpm gauge is a single handed affair.
  12. Take a look at this video. First run of Merlin 25 engine in 50 years! - YouTube When the engine is running you can clearly see the RPM gauge (top left side of his panel in the video) jumping around, as it does in our Mossie, so I would say this behaviour is accurate. Why it happens I'm not sure, could be a vibration issue or indeed how the gauge itself works. If it gets it's signal from the ignition system it could be electronic noise causing it? I'm not sure.
  13. Try and get yourself a copy of the book "The Jail Busters" by Robert Lyman. It tells of the real reasons behind the raid, and was a real eye opener to me. You also have to take into consideration that this was just one raid in the whole war. It served a purpose at that time in the war, and there was a bigger picture going on in the back ground. The book tells of how it was and why it was done, omitting any conspiracy theories which seem to have attached themselves to this particular raid as time has marched on.
  14. I seem to remember either NineLine or BN saying that the Mossie doesn't come with a campaign, but as rkk01 said there are training missions and single player missions, one I believe will be the Amiens Prison raid, on the Channel map if you have that. Reflected has a campaign in the works for the Mossie I believe which will also be on the Channel map, how far along he is with it I don't know. Hopefully he will see this thread and chime in with an update. I for one will be getting this campaign, as his other work is very good, I'm looking forward to see what he brings to the Mossie. Ok a bit extra to pay, but for the quality of his work it's a small price to pay I think...
  15. True, also if a possible planned release on the 15th had been delayed it would have made sense for ED to extend this deal for a few weeks which hasn't happened. It ended on Thursday as scheduled. I would have also thought ED would have changed the steam placeholder date by now if there was another delay in the wind, which again as far as I'm aware hasn't happened yet. So... fingers crossed for next Wednesday the 15th then...
  16. How could ED ever achieve 100% accuracy on a flight model within the constraints of a flight sim?. And even if they could how would we ever know if it indeed was 100% accurate ourselves without obtaining a PPL, twin engine rating, tail dragger rating, warbird conversion and then going out and buying a restored MKVI Mosquito and doing a direct comparison?....then finding out it ain't 100% accurate and asking ED for your $41.95 back as you're not happy with it! lol.
  17. Well at the end of the day it will be an Early Access module being released onto an Open Beta branch of DCS, so I wouldn't expect it to release "bug-free" to be honest. When you start going down the EA/Open Beta route I would expect there to be bugs, probably several. I for one enjoy the open beta for this very reason. I like to help out where I can with squashing the bugs. If you personally would prefer a "bug-free" release you, as we all do, get the choice to wait until the module exits Early Access and is on the stable branch.
  18. I would purchase a DCS C-47/DC3 in a heartbeat.
  19. It's also confirmed Merlin 25 here https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/mosquito/
  20. This is one campaign I'm really looking forward too.
  21. You left out a "damn" Basco!! ^^^^ There, fixed it for ya
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