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  1. Great idea Vander. This would be a worthy addition to the Channel map, lets hope ED implement it.
  2. Am I right in thinking there is currently no way to scroll the kneeboard map around? similar to what you can do in the F10 map view with the mouse button pressed? This would be a great feature to aid navigation in the Warbirds, some way to add a course line to it too so you can do VFR navigation using the kneeboard as a quick reference instead of hitting F10 which just kills the immersion, especially in VR. To be able to move the map on the kneeboard as you fly your route would add a lot of depth to flying missions in DCS WW2. I was just thinking if we had this feature
  3. Finally! :D Game on then....let the hype begin!!!
  4. Good man... Once the Mosquito finally drops, if you want someone in your right hand seat in MP give me a shout. It'll be a pleasure to fly (virtually!) with you mate.
  5. This sounds good, look forward to hearing more on this. What map are you planning on using? (The Channel hopefully) Nice list Reflected....
  6. Nice work, you are a talented guy.. What you said happens to be my personal opinion too, and I would guess the same goes for most on this thread! First post I see?, welcome to the forums! BTW your forum name.....you're not Ex RAF Regiment by chance?
  7. I've had this before but it was a while ago now, I always took it as it's a bug. The trick is to open the canopy but NOT the cockpit side entry door when doing a repair. If you do the door sticks in the open position following the repair, and consequently you can't then close the canopy with the door open. There was a work around I found, if you use trackir or VR lean out the cockpit and find the click area on the door (I can't remember where exactly this is now) and left click it and it used to close. However not sure if this works now as, like I said it's been a while
  8. Great news today for all Mosquito fans. This may tip the balance for the No1 spot for me from the Spitfire to the Mosquito!. It's going to be great to fly in either seat in this beauty.. especially in VR. So admins, any chance we can have a proper sub-forum topic now for the old girl, and start to build up the hype!?
  9. Nice.... I spent my last 5 years in the RAF at Cottesmore on TTTE (Tri-National Tornado Training Establishment) working in ASF (Aircraft Servicing Flight) right up until it's disbandment on 31st March 1999, a sad day . Worked on all three nations jets. One of the best tours I had in the RAF. It was a great place to work, they even paid us to do it too!!! Our jets had no hardpoints on the wings though, they were clean, so were unable to drop any weapons. It was pure flying training for the 3 nations crews.
  10. Ahh ok, didn't realise. Hopefully we'll get the real deal soon then....
  11. I didn't receive this newsletter, and I have always been subscribed to them for years!. So I just checked my account and for some reason the system had un-subscribed me. Anyone else had this? I wonder if it was something to do with a site update on ED's side? Anyway, could someone fill me in on the contents please? as I doubt I will receive this one now...
  12. Have you guy's noticed the new forum header? Does this mean that the Mosquito will be ED's next release or am I reading too much into this? lol.
  13. Someone, on this thread I think, said he had read a post from a DCS Representative saying ED were looking at releasing the Mosquito before the Hind. He later tried to find the post but he couldn't. It was news to me as I haven't heard this particular rumour any where else. I guess time will tell...
  14. I've not had this happen so first thing that springs to mind as you say it mainly happens after a cold and dark start is your INS alignment procedure. Sorry if I'm telling you to suck eggs here, no offence meant, but I'll try and explain the INS bit just in case this is a cause of your issue. Once you get one engine running turn the NAV switch on the right console to GND if at an airfield or CV if on the boat, I'll assume you're at an airfield, so turn it to GND. This will take approx 8 mins to align, but you can click on STD HDG button on the bottom row of the low
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