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  1. The De Havilland Museum isn't that far from where I live, and apparently it's the only place in the world that has 3 examples of the Mosquito under one roof, and I've yet to visit!! Definitely going to make a point of going later this year. Yeah, this whole bulged bomb bay door thing has me confused too. Don't really know what to make of it all, but hopefully all will be revealed soon...
  2. What would be good is if ED implemented some form of VFR planning tool so say you (the nav) could work out headings, speed, distance, and therefore timings, track lines etc on a map of whatever DCS map you will be flying on for the mission. Then once in the aircraft have access to your flight plan in the cockpit via a window that you can bring up at the press of a key, and be able to scroll the map around within the window. Perfect for VFR navigation. Now this tool would be great for a Mosquito nav to have, the pilot wouldn't have to worry about navigating at all as the second crew member could effectively do all this during a mission. Using the F10 map is a bit of a cheat as it gives you your position (no point in navigating to headings etc when you have what is essentially a GPS!) and it's also, for me anyway, a big immersion killer. Not realistic at all.
  3. Count me in, and if there isn't enough module slots on the server to go around (due to the mass hype of finally getting the old girl in our hangar!) I would be happy to Nav for someone, just don't get us killed that's all! lol. This was the first thing that came to my mind too when I read it. Got to be a good thing though, I'm all for more historical accuracy.
  4. Look here what has surfaced today!! Awsome...THANKS ED!!!
  5. bart

    Photo-recon mods

    Check this out fellas!!!
  6. Similar thing happened to Barnes Wallis and his Upkeep project, they thought he was suggesting the impossible! Sometimes it's the very things that no one imagines anything of.....that do the things that no one can imagine.
  7. Great news, thanks for the update. Looking forward to seeing the old girl in her new dress! Hopefully not too long until we get to finally fly her now..
  8. For those that don't go on the ED discord channel or may have missed it, Nine Line posted this earlier today in response to a question about the Mosquito... "Nick has approved the new model, but its still being integrated into the game and tied to everything. Once its in, we can share more info, it wont be long." A bit of good news...
  9. Ahh, wake turbulence from the ship. Makes sense now, thanks. I never came across this term as I was RAF not RN. Closest I got to the Navy was working on their Sea Harriers at St Athan, but I guess the Harrier didn't have this burble issue either approaching the ship from the side as it did rather than shooting a conventional arrested landing!. Anyway, thanks for the clarification.
  10. Maybe I'm getting old or aeronautical advances have left me behind from when I was working on aircraft I dunno, but what is the burble effect?
  11. bart

    Photo-recon mods

    That's a shame, I thought they may have added something as a bit of an Easter egg for us long suffering - due to the endless wait! - Mossie fans. I really hope they add this to the map on or shortly after the Mosquito release. It would be a great historical target to have.
  12. bart

    Photo-recon mods

    Great idea for the photo recon mission, I would love this to be added. If our Mosquito is fast enough to outrun the opposition in their late war pocket rockets then this would be a good additional role for it with say a mod or update from ED to turn it into a PR Mk IX of sorts. Out of interest did you find anything of note around Amiens? Did ED add the prison at all? I haven't been down that way since the last update on the map so I have no idea if it was or not. I do recall BN adding to a post in the wish list that this request had been passed on to ED. EDIT. Here's a link to that thread requesting the Amiens Prison be added.
  13. I agree it's a bit frustrating not knowing when it's going to finally release. I think a lot of folks that frequent this topic feel the same way after all the delays but it is what it is. I actually applaud ED for delaying the release to fix something they were not happy with, hopefully this will ultimately lead to us getting a better Mosquito when it is finally released, and by some of the comments I have read on ED's discord recently it isn't too far off now. However I do think that ED could have been a bit more forthcoming with information on progress, especially since it's been delayed several times now. This has ultimately been the cause of frustration in many here - me included! - over the past few months. But I do hope this will change with future releases. To keep prospective customers drip fed with info, even a small amount, keeps them happy. To see progress, even a small amount, is better than a silent stone wall. This would I am sure, and certainly would have in my case, made the wait much more bearable. As for the pre-order, I believe ED only run pre-orders on their bigger more complex aircraft. When the P-47 released there was no pre-purchase period on this, they just released it but they did still give early purchasers a discount of 20% I think it was, if you purchased the module within 2 or 3 weeks following the start of the EA period. Something similar to what we would get if the module had actually ran a pre-purchase period. I have a hunch that this is what may be repeated here with our Mosquito release. No real up front date announced, just a case of here she is! and here's a 20% discount if you buy in the first 2 weeks starting today. Personally I'm good with this approach, and anyway the Mosquito will be a day one purchase for me without any shadow of doubt, discount or anything else!.
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