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  1. Any ideas where I can find my activation serial number?
  2. Perfect, thanks again. Been a few years since I've been anywhere near here so couldn't quite remember how it worked. Thanks buddy
  3. Hey Guys. So I had previously purchased DCS A-10C around 2 years ago and I am wanting to re download it but cannot seem to find where to do this... When I go to the store etc it is asking me to re purchase the a10c warthog even though I had paid for it previously.
  4. Downloaded this and love it! Only a few problems as I've listed below. 1. The Mini-Stick sometimes doesn't work for slew. 2. The slider for speed-brakes sometimes does not work (Not all the time) But these are easily fixed. I remapped the command to the keyboard using the Stick's Pinkie Switch as a modifier. Thanks!
  5. Hunter192

    Bad TAD, BAD!!

    I have the same problem too. Its fine until you 'zoom' right in to the map.
  6. Hi Frostie, Where can I purchase LOMAC & FC3? On the DCS Website it says "Pre Purchase" ?
  7. Hi Tommy, Would I have to buy LockOn: Modern Air Combat then FC3 or can I just buy FC3 and it will work? Thanks
  8. Hey Meat, thanks for the quick reply! That is exactly what Im looking for as Im struggling to learn the A-10C Weapon System.. I want to go fast and blow some sh*t up at the same time, not spend most my time trying to pick a profile and figure the difference between CCIP & all the others. I am still going to learn about the A-10c but I also want something I can jump in and go do a mission no bother. I think I will try the Mustang first then maybe progress onto FC3.
  9. Hey Guys, Im looking to buy a new module for DCS, I currently have A-10c Warthog. I like the look of the P51 Mustang but I also like the LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 3 Which one is best? I am slightly confused about FC3 as it says I need a previous version so would that require buying Lock On: Modern Air Combat then FC3? Still deciding which one to go for but thought I would come here for you guys who may have the modules to give me a few ideas.
  10. Found the profile bro. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=58484&highlight=X52 Instructions on how to install, it's really easy. I've just managed to master the startup and now I've got TrackIR and my x52 I've been flying around with them. I still need to learn how to navigate, lock on and fire rockets etc all I know now is using the cannon! All this DMS TMS China Hat etc makes no sense to me yet lol. Are you online now?
  11. Hey. I'm also new to the sim with an x52. I found a great profile on here for the x52 ill try and find it. Feel free to give me a shout if you want to fly. I'm available most weekdays from 8am-4pm GMT
  12. Never mind, I pressed Default and it reloaded it.
  13. Hey Guys, I accidentally reset the profile of my TrackIR in the config. Could anyone help me fill it in again? upload
  14. Today is the day! My X52 has finally arrived! TrackIR will be here on Monday. In the time I have been waiting I have managed to master the startup and also learn a few other little things. Now to learn everything else! I mainly need to learn the following 1) Firing Air to Air & Air to Ground 2) Navigation Help 3) Any other info I may need to know Thanks for all the help you guys at giving!
  15. I've recently ordered the X52 Pro and it hasn't turned up yet so I'm unable to help I' afraid. I'm sure someone will be able to though!
  16. Just to confirm, In my Control Panel I have DCS A-10c then DCS: World. Just uninstall the A-10C ?
  17. So now I've got the A-10c DCS: World working I can uninstall the original A-10c module?
  18. Hey Silver_Dragon, thanks for the quick reply. I have the latest version of DCS World but when I purchased A-10c last night, it gave me version :/ I have now downloaded the latest but do I just install it over the previous install or do I have to remove the previous. Hope that makes sense Thanks
  19. Hey guys. Could someone tell me how to update my A-10C Module from to the latest? Do i just download the latest file and install over the old? Or remove the old and install the new? Thanks
  20. WOW! Just purchased and downloaded A-10c Warthog. Love it! Still not managed to do a complete start up but the stick Im using just now is crap so i'll wait for the x52 stick and throttle to arrive.
  21. Well guys thats me just spent £300 lol! Purchased DCS A-10C, Track IR 5, Saitek X52 Pro & a Gaming Headset Hope one of you will be able to help me get up in the air and shooting, all these short names and codes are confusing me and thats only watching Youtube videos! Let you know when my kit arrives :) Hunter :pilotfly: (Edit: Also, the missus isnt to happy so it better be worth the bollocking I just got! lol)
  22. I don't have TIR but have been looking into it. One question I have to ask is how much head movement do you need to make to look right round. Surely if you have to move your head quite a bit your eyes won't be on centre screen?
  23. Thanks for the tips so far guys! Guess when the game comes I'll have to take it a step at a time. Cant wait to fly with some other pilots and blow some stuff up ;) My current callsign 'Hunter' is just something I thought of quickly for the forum but I think I will stick with it for a bit. I'll let you guys know when my kit arrives and maybe can get a flight with some of you? Cheers Hunter:pilotfly:
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