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  1. RECRUITMENT IS NOW CLOSED UK Navalops Flying from ships deployed worldwide, the aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm provide the UK with influence over land and sea, and assist in the wide range of roles undertaken by the Royal Navy from disaster relief to landing Royal Marines onto a hostile shore. UK Navalops is a casual virtual combat air group for DCS World. Our main squadrons fly the Razbam Harrier. We also have attack and transport helicopter squadrons flying the MI-8, the Gazelle and the UH1 Huey. Each of these squadrons are based on real Naval squadron within the Fleet Air Arm. We have a rank structure in line with the real royal Navy, where pilots can work their way through the ranks and lead their own squadron. We use a web based flight logging software using VABase. All pilots are to manually file a Pirep after each flight. This can be for both online and offline flights. all Pireps are to be checked and accepted by Squadron Commanders. Pilots aren't tied to one aircraft type. Here at Uk Navalops pilots can fly any aircraft in out fleet and submit a pirep. So if you fancy an offline Huey flight delivering mail to the carrier then thats fine. Here we focus on freedom and enjoyment.Pilots can fly as often as they like although our main missions are Saturday nights. Squadrons 800 Naval Air Squadron 801 Naval Air Squadron We currently have 800 NAS & 801 NAS Flying the Razbam Harrier. We do use all the current maps for DCS Commando Helicopter Force is active but doesnt have dedicated members, however this could change, numbers permitting. Dont worry if you have no experience because we have many pilots that will help you along the way. Plus we do not shove people in a training squadron for three months before they get to fly combat missions. Our main goal is to find like minded casual pilots who like to have fun and do not take things to seriously but like to do things right. If you are interested then please go to our website and fill in the short application. If you need any more info please dont hesitate to contact me by pm on here. See you in the skies website: http://www.uknavalops.co.uk/
  2. if you are a FPS watcher or a pixel counter then don't bother. If you want total immersion and fantastic depth perception then yes get it. I went for VR and I will no longer play any game that is not vr compatible
  3. have you tried the deleting of you metashaders folder and fxo I think it is? Worked wonders for me with regards to getting rid of stuttering
  4. they all run pretty much the same on my system apart from Normandy... Normandy is not as smooth. What are your specs and settings?
  5. 1111 is supposed to be a laser initialization code
  6. Well what do you know that fixed the issue.... Cheers buddy
  7. we no longer have a f18 squadron. Just the Harriers but thanks anyways
  8. Cheers Mav... Mustang been giving me some pointers too... Will try your too
  9. Cheers ....im going to try it now... Seems strange but we never had a problem before we had to have windows server re-installed on the server
  10. i already have a autoexec.cfg with the following in options.graphics.fullScreen = false options.graphics.width = 1024 options.graphics.height = 768 options.graphics.render3D = false Shall i copy and paste into their?
  11. Afternoon all... I have put a ticket in but thought i would ask here too. Our server keeps freezing.. What i mean is my aircraft seems fine but everyone elses freezes. All of our clients have the same issue. Their aircraft is fine but everyone elses freezes.... I have attached a log... Any help will be greatly appreciated dcs log.rar
  12. Ok a little update... I have done a fresh install of dcs on the server. Installed net framework 3.5. installed directx but we are still getting massive issues. It's like it's freezing on the server but still allowing you to join. we can all move our aircraft but we are not seeing the other person's aircraft move?
  13. I always press clear 1st
  14. Evening all. We had a problem with windows on our dcs server so we had to have a fresh install. But ever since then i can get dcs to run more than 2 minutes on it.It seems to just lock up..... It used to run fine before. i have attached a crash log and it looks like a graphic driver issue maybe? dcs.rar
  15. Well no matter where i fly i usually get locked 45fps. Sometimes may drop slightly but not a lot.
  17. You can increase the fuel capacity of the KC130 to a more realistic amount as at the moment it only carries the same amount as the c130.. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=216484
  18. Where would I find this file exactly and what amount did you change it to?
  19. Tricky11

    no sound

    For some reason a friends DCS world stable is not outputting any sound... His open beta is fine. We noticed that DCS world is not coming up in the volume mixer when opening but open beta does? Now this tells me is a config file somewhere but where might i find it? We did try a repair but it did now work Any help?
  20. Thanks Grimes. I did install on our server but when i did people could not spawn into any of the aircraft? I will have another look when i get time.
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