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  2. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3938379&postcount=2645
  3. IMG_4282 by christopher deacon, on Flickr IMG_4959 by christopher deacon, on Flickr IMG_3052 by christopher deacon, on Flickr
  4. ahh ok... Well its supposed to be DCS.openbeta_server\Mods\Tech
  5. Units with radars seemed to have more effect than units without radar
  6. If I get damage I usually deploy flaps and get the speed down below 150 with plenty of altitude due to this. Usually catches me out when if flaps full down and then get below 150 it pitches me over.
  7. are both flaps working?
  8. Can anyone tell me where to put new skins and what do you name the folder?
  9. Bloody terrible... Any other ideas on being able to set up search and rescue beacons for ground forces then bud?
  10. Ok chaps what in good gods name is going on?????????? I can set units to transmit sounds in mission editor but as soon as i put the mission on our server they dont transmit??? I can pull the mission back off the server and play in single player and they work fine again?????????
  11. Any idea why CTLD is not showing in my radio menu??? List beacons is showing?
  12. Hmmm going to take a look at this
  13. Recruitment is now re-opened
  14. I dont see what the problem is? They seemed to be fixing stuff and adding stuff all the time so i dont know why there is so much bitching going on? We fly the AV8 exclusively and yeah there are bugs but as already said , ints not finished. Can you imagine what it must be like spending all this time working on a module and ironing out bugs only to drop into the forum and see the same old people moaning and groaning? Its not finished so be patient and dont go chasing off another developer.
  15. I love you videos JAR . Keep up the great work and take no notice of the guy who seems to have had a massive input into the community and forum with his 56 posts in 9 years lol... Cheers
  16. this is for the very latest released this week stand alone?
  17. Hmmm ok... Any ideas how i enable this in the new open beta server edition of DCS?
  18. You tried disabling you antivirus before installing? I noticed that the last update i did got flagged by my antivirus.
  19. This is fantastic Moa. I would definitely be interested in something like this for our server
  20. The other way i have down it is opening the mission file within the mission MIZ file with notepad++ and edit them in there.
  21. All you do is place one aircraft in the mission editor. Do the frequencies for that one aircraft and then increase the number aircraft to 4 in that group. And then you can copy and paste the rest of the aircraft groups.. Easy..
  22. He will know in which direction they are but would not know a distance so impossible
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