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  1. ok i cant find my autoexec.cfg file for either server?
  2. everyone moaning about the lighting needs to drop the gamma down and then its 10 times better. So instead of moaning either try adjusting the gamma or go back to 2.5.5.. Simples
  3. hmmm i always thought dcs was capped at 180 fps? so would love to know how you get 230fps ???????????lolol
  4. If only you was in the uk. Would of snapped this up
  5. Yeah by looking below the headset
  6. It seems as though the SA15s no longer lock you up when setting them as weapons hold and alarm state red?
  7. well i just copied and pasted slots from one map to another ok?
  8. Can anyone recommend a good dedicated server host in the UK? We are looking at changing ours due to high cost and poor customer service.
  9. rallyday-26 by christopher deacon, on Flickr rallyday-22 by christopher deacon, on Flickr nsm-26 by christopher deacon, on Flickr
  10. Well our group uses Teamspeak when we 1st join the server to sort out what channels we will be using in SRS so what we are going to do instead of Moaning about this new feature we will be dropping teamspeak and testing this feature and provide feedback to ED to help bring it along.
  11. Well GR must doing something right when you look how many people they get on their servers
  12. There are plenty of server options out there that will run dcs no problems at all. I think the problem is how you are making the missions. Our missions do run better when they are running on the server however but you really need to learn how to optimize the missions.
  13. Good evening Marek. I think maybe you need to be a bit clever when it comes to how you use all of these units. For example we use triggers to activate units when we are near an area rather than all the units being active when there is really no need for them to be. You may also find that some units effect the fps more than others. We recently found that certain AI helicopters impact fps a fair bit. Its all about experimenting really. What i usually try to do is test the mission for FPS whilst building it so that way you can see how units effect fps. Another tip is that you may find that the FPS will be different when testing you mission on your own machine compared to a dedicated server...
  14. It can all be disabled in mission editor. We run our server so you are only able to see your own aircraft on the F10 Map and no ground units what so ever??
  15. We have been flying the Harrier since release here at UK Navalops and we think it's a fantastic plane. Sure there are a few features still missing but SHOW STOPPING BUGS?????? Just don't listen to these people as they are the same people who moan all the time and frankly probably don't know their elbow from their ass so just don't listen to them...The harrier is great at no matter what price
  16. Been looking at this mod... one thing though... Where do i type ATIS Kutaisi 251.000?? Is this in the situation part of mission editor?
  17. oculus are developing hand tracking with out gloves I think. surely that will be a better solution?
  18. How can people help you if you do not give your specs out? Don't see what the big deal is with hiding them unless you are talking rubbish and you are trying to run DCS on a potato?
  19. ok let me get this straight.. i dont need to separate installs?
  20. How do i set up 2 servers on one machine? Anyone have a how to guide?
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