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  1. If you are using a Logitech G15 keyboard make sure you have game mode switch to the left (off)
  2. Ok here are a few questions for you. Why do you want to have your joystick on slides? What sort of wood are you thinking of using because that will have a big difference in strength. Do the slides lock when slid out to maximum extension as this may be a issue. What sort of joystick do you have?
  3. Is there a website about that just has the very latest news in flight simulators? For example in the Racing Simulator community we have a sire called VirtualR that just keeps updating with the very latest news and gosips within the racing sim community. Is the such a site? Cheers Chris
  4. I only have 8 gig of ram and i have yet to see a sim/game use 75% of it
  5. I would just like to say a big thank you to Bob and Carol at RCSimulations as they dont usually open on saturdays but they opened there shop up especially for me so i could collect my TM Warthog and Trackir 5... Cheers
  6. Well i think the MFGs are out of the question not because of price or anything but the fact that it looks like you got to wait a while until you recieve them and thats one thing i aint good at and that is waiting lol. Thing is there dont seem to be anywhere in the uk selling the Saitek combats at a reasonable price? Best i can find at the moment is £170 and that seems a lot considering??
  7. Ok guys.. Got myself Trackir 5 and TM Warthog but now wondering what pedals to get?? Recommendations??
  8. cant download from googleplay using the kindle fire so is it hosted anywhere else?
  9. Well at work at them moment so cant do anything. I got the A10C ,FC3 and the P51. Best get some choppers now me thinks lol...
  10. Ha ha ha small world Duris.. Glad the wheel is ok. It should be as i litterally bought the t500rs and then bought the dsd adaptor and omp wheel a week later so it had no use what so ever lol...
  11. I am after a Trackir5 setup and a 22"touchscreen monitor. What you got? Uk only please
  12. Thanks for the info warhog. Oh and your setup looks pretty cool.. Cheers
  13. Ohhh and its going to be a secondary monitor to my 27" hanns G
  14. Well i fly a bit with DCS and i also Sim race too. So was thinking on using helios for DCS and some other programs for my sim racing.
  15. What should i look for? I want a 15"-19" touchscreen monitor. What should i be looking for?? Any bargains out there at the moment? Cheers Chris
  16. Just made these up this morning https://www.dropbox.com/s/doau7xyu5nykm4a/x45%20stick%20blank.pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/dgouzk92nvrllcg/x45%20throttle%20blank.pdf Let me Know if it works and feel free to move this post if its in the wrong section.. Cheers Chris
  17. Hiya all. Well a little about myself first. My name is Chris and im 37yrs old and from the uk. I am looking to join a friendly squad who doesnt mind helping out a total newbie. I currently run DCS FC3 and DCS A10 Warthog. I am using a X45 Hotas and own a mic and headset. I do fly RC aircraft as a hobby but not sure if that helps?? Cheers Chris
  18. Thanks a lot for that Falcon. Seems i got a bigger problem first though. None of the DCS sims reconise all of he buttons on my x45?? For example it only reconises one of the POV switches?? Any ideas?? Cheers Chris. PS Do you know of any good squadrans that are willing to take a total newbie under there wings??? lolol
  19. can anyone tell me why FC3 Wont reconise all my x45 buttons?
  20. Hiya all.. I have just purchased FC3 and was wondering if anyone has a profile for the X45?? Cheers Chris
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