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  1. Subscribed on the tube buddy.. Nice videos:thumbup:
  2. Nice.. It also makes a difference running a Intel instead of the amd.. I always use to run amd processors and swore that i would never touch a intel until i bought the 3570k and now i will never go back to amd lol... Ohh and the trackir will make a huge difference to your gaming experience.. Wasnt i flying with you last night on the 104th server?
  3. Hiya all. Just about to do a complete re-install of all my games and operating system on my new SSDs but i was wondering where i will find the files i need to save ao i can keep all of my controller settings? Cheers Chris
  4. well i am one having trouble in extended mode because my monitor wont go past 60hz but i have only just bought it so i wont be buying another one anytime soon...not at the price a paid for this one lol
  5. What cpu are you running?? I too also have the gtx980 and i dont see any issues with the mig21 or Assetto Corsa...
  6. Anyone using a Butkicker with DCS and getting good results? I have one and use it for my racing sims using software called simvibe and that seems to work nice. Is there any such program to use with DCS??
  7. think i need one on one tuition lol
  8. 1st off do not apologise for your English as i am English and my English is crap lol and yours is fine. .. I am already running a ssd with the operating system on it and yeah it does boot quickly.. I will hopefully let you know how i get on with in the next 2 days as it will take a long time to re-install everything lol.. Cheers Chris
  9. i too sent a email but no reply as off yet..
  10. Ahhh you might be on to something there matey as my set-up was originally a 27" monitor with a 22" touchscreen running helios so i think i had to modify a LUA file?? Ok i got 2 new SSDs coming today so i was going to completely re-install everything anyway... Thanks for that i will keep you posted on the progress.. Cheers Chris
  11. Well i dont know how you guys do it but DCS runs like a bag of poo with the rift on my system. Even if i set everything to lowest setting and have rift set as primary it does not seem to make any difference.. My i5 is clocked to 4.2 and im running a gtx980 and 16 gig of ram...
  12. i am having the same problem
  13. Well no matter what I did I couldn't stop the stuttering...
  14. Nice read and an even nicer setup buddy
  15. if i waited 3 days i could of bought the curved one although i couldnt justify the extra cost really
  16. Well i ended up ordering this instead http://www.lg.com/uk/monitors/lg-34UM95
  17. Well my GTX 980 turned up this morning so when i install it tomorrow i will give you some feedback:thumbup:
  18. Are there any other choices then that i have missed? Can spend up to £1200..
  19. help please...i am undecided whether to buy 3x27" monitors,large 4k tv or a 34" 3440x1440 monitor?? i got a gtx980 on the way and a oculus rift dk2... experiences please??
  20. I had the same problem when connecting my t500rs and pedals. In the end i bought some saitek rudder pedals and just swap them over when i want to race.
  21. 2x gtx980???? Now that is just greedy lol. I too was looking at the obutto but ended up buying a Next Level Racing GTUltimate V2 with all the extras and i have started building it this morning. I got one gtx 980 coming but undecided on what 3 monitors to get yet. Get some pics up when the obutto arrives. Cheers Chris
  22. Wooo hooo i cant wait to try this one.. Cheers Zeen your a star
  23. Ok guys i got a new cockpit coming and i already have trackir but i was wondering if anyone uses triple monitors with trackir? Been thinking about buying another two 27" monitors to go with the one i already have but i not sure what it will be like using 3 monitors and trackir at the same time? Does it add to the immersion or am i better off buying a single larger screen? Cheers Chris
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