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  1. Yes I know, thought it was included in this 2.5 update but maybe it is coming later...
  2. Running 2.5 open beta at the moment. Looks amazing so far but: The Viggen sounds are STILL a bit pale. It need more Ooompf I think! More rumble!!
  3. Ok, my bad then. I went from 1.5.8 stable to 1.5.8 open beta and then to 2.5 open beta. I followed ED guide where it says: Stage 1: 2.5.0 Open Beta. The 1.5.8 Open Beta will be updated to the 2.5.0 Open Beta. The updater will check for 2.2.0 (Open Alpha) and add necessary modules from 2.2.0 to 2.5.0 to avoid unnecessary downloads.
  4. Right, you must convert 1.5.8 stable to open beta.
  5. It is really simple If you are running 1.5.8 Stable --> you must convert to Open beta version open a command promt in DCS World/Bin folder and type: DCS_updater.exe update 1.5.8@openbeta When it is done, start DCS World open beta and it should automatically update to 2,5 open beta. Done.
  6. I used CMD and this: Updating or Switching an Install Between "Open Beta" and "Release" Version Branches (1.2.8.): In the Command Prompt Windows: Type: dcs_updater.exe update <branch>:<version> (ie dcs_updater.exe update openbeta:1.2.7 ) Type: dcs_updater.exe update <branch>:<version.subversion> (ie dcs_updater.exe update openbeta: UPDATER VERSION And Newer Use: Type: dcs_updater.exe update <version>@Branch (ie DCS_updater.exe update 1.5.1@openbeta, DCS_updater.exe update 2.0.0@openalpha ) DCS_updater.exe update @release DCS_updater.exe update @openbeta DCS_updater.exe update @openalpha Example: DCS_updater.exe update 1.5.8@openbeta
  7. Pretty sure you need the 1,5 open beta version.... ?
  8. UPDATE: Arrived in the mail today! :-D
  9. Still no T-Shirt. Have sent a mail to you a couple of days ago @cobra847
  10. I am still waiting for my T-shirt...:(:(
  11. Same thing here with the ground spawn... Can spawn in flight though. But the plane wants to fly right up in the sky as soon as I press "FLY". Got to do a LOT of pitch trim to get it flying level.
  12. Weird.. maybe a bug then, will retry again today.
  13. So... High drag bombs and Rb 74 wont work? Maybe that is the answer why I couldnt release my sidewinders yesterday and instead was dropping bombs (although I had the weapon selector in AA and getting the humming sound)
  14. Is it the tutorial? I did that over and over again and couldn´t understand what I was doing wrong. The QFE is wrong, it is NOT 1012, instead it is 1052. Try that and see if it works better.
  15. Ok, thats sounds good :thumbup:
  16. Yeah they are amazing, was a little dissapointed by the external "F3" sounds though, was hoping it would be more RRRROOOOAARRRRR MMMUUUMMBLLLEEERRUUUMMBLLLEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee" As now it is more like SSWWWWOOOOOSSSSSSssshsshhhhhhhhh" The Mirage have great external sounds.
  17. Yes, same for me. Did it on my first training but every other after that it will not work. The first time, when it worked, I just used the pitch trim. Maybe it is a bug?
  18. Have they mentioned any time for the release for the Viggen yet? Cant find any info for it. Good to know if it is worth a day off from work :lol:
  19. Thanks a lot Cobra, gonna be good bedtime reading this =)
  20. Thanks, that is not a conversion table for altitude. Looks like a IFR/VFR table?
  21. It was mentioned earlier so it is coming later. No date though.
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