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  1. I had to install Supercarrier module on server, otherwise planes placed on deck will spawn in air.
  2. My traffic isn't go through Cogent and i have same problems. Either way, voting for round restart after "fix"
  3. Yes, looks like radar HUD cue is working again.
  4. OBL (Radar Ranging Position Update) not showing radar cue. Also AG gunsight isnt accurate(TAS/RS). I think OBL was working before friday patch. I have hotfix from today.
  5. I can't setup radios for modules which I do not own... These planes are not able use ingame radiocommunication with ATC.
  6. When you starting mission in air, IFF power switch is in OFF, but IFF works. Bug IFF hostile/friendly bug happens every time when you switch weapons (Magic, Gun, 530) in CCM lock, not only 530. You need unlock target, switch weapon, select CCM, lock and profit! I almost shootdown friendly F15 in Blue Flag, thanks to Simple Radio and GCI i aborted missile(530) 2 seconds before impact.:music_whistling:
  7. CharlieCZ

    rwr icons

    PH is SA-6 in M2000C, not sure if is it bug. Other planes showing 06 on RWR.
  8. I have different problem, cant fire Magic from right wing. Left one is ok. Anyone with this problem?
  9. Vsync Try disable ingame vsync and enable in gpu drivers. I have much faster redraw after this.
  10. In options untick: Disable aero interface and fullscreen. With this, i can always alt-tab.
  11. Yes, disable Fullscreen mode in Option.
  12. Great news, thank you for Czech version :thumbup:
  13. One of our members misoswan, recommends this setting for oculus. Stereo.lua
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