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  1. You get used to focusing between the two eyes, when I get tired with a lot of cultural lighting I find myself having to close the left eye sometimes while under nvs, but it also depends on what eye is your dominant eye. Idk if that’ll transition the same in vr or not. Day I don’t notice it as much.
  2. Let me ask you this, if I were to land at whatever airport is near you, and you walked up too me, would you lead off with telling me about the aircraft? Or would you ask and expand your knowledge? Then if you were to ask a question and I said sorry, I'm not going to talk about that. Would you start trying to teach me about it? The SME's are here they're willing to help. Even if you don't know who they are. AH64 pilots who haven't flown this period are also here, they're willing to help. Wait and see what's released, make a comparison on your understanding. Ask if its supposed to be this way. Or what's missing. If this is coming or not. That's my recommendation. My common theme throughout all of this. Open sourced information > should give you some questions > Ask those questions > If they're non sensitive they can be answered. If it's something wrong I'm sure in time it'll be remedied. My original statement stands. "3) I read, think, heard it's supposed to do this. Why doesn't it do this!" All they had to do was ask, and accept the answer even if it was an answer they didn't want or hoped for. I mean don't get it twisted there are things I think woulda been cool but aren't being incorporated. But you think I'm pulling up manuals going "You're wrong because of x,y,z!" Even though I had no idea what was incorporated or not. Nope. I acknowledge it and move on. I'm like everyone else just patiently waiting for the release to play around with it. I can only recommend to you, but since being apart of this forum I've heard people with no experience with the aircraft tell me that I would or wouldn't do things because of their perception. Like I fly the 64. How are you going to tell me I would or wouldn't do things, or what it looks like in x example. Choose your own road.
  3. I'm also no exception, I've been wrong before, and I'm sure I'll be wrong in the future too. Perfect example is the 0 having a dash or not having a dash on the ku. I was at home when the discussion was taking place, my -10 shows no dash, I looked at my procedure trainer program, it has no dash. I woulda bet money that there was no dash. But I still went to the aircraft and just like @Raptor9 said, it has a dash. We all get things wrong sometimes. I had two sources that said no dash, but behold the aircraft has a dash in it's ku 0. So that's a perfect example of tm saying / doing something that isn't exactly right.
  4. Well maybe this is the exception but I promise you that they’re here and are active, I don’t know a single person who’s involved or has experience who doesn’t want to help people with the module. My go to is if I landed at an airport and were showing people around the aircraft (yes we do that) if I wouldn’t tell you there I won’t tell you here. If I or they won’t expand on a subject shouldn’t that be pretty explanatory that it’s sensitive? Like I’m active on here and I’m happy to divulge down any really open non sensitive area, so the information I conclude you’re looking for is the sensitive stuff. The excuse of well what’s it really hurt? It could be nothing or it could be everything. Do you really need to know to accomplish a good time in dcs? The answer is no. I have yet to see an official site with a downloadable tm that’s accessible for the general public. So to me it’s not been officially released, maybe I’m wrong. In addition transferring real life to a sim is almost impossible to generate 1-1, because a computer is taking data to simulate something say that a hydraulics system would do etc. that’s an example. So because there’s not an actual hydraulic line with fluid, the computer replicates that. It doesnt all transfer over 1-1. There needs to be an understanding about that. Which is why I would recommending waiting for the ed manual. Referencing true open source info is great and I think it should give you the ammo for what questions to ask, but you should recognize you also don’t have all the pertinent data even with a tm or old gunnery manual so it doesn’t give an individual an excuse to demand something they don’t fully understand. The issue becomes when people familiar with the platform explain something and the people who are not willingly remain ignorant or naive. Which is fine, and by all means call me toxic if I give you an answer you don’t want. But we still call it the tads, regardless of what you read or the cool promotion video. I’m not pointing the finger at you @WobblyFlops, more of a statement for the masses. My hope is people will read this, be able to ask questions to help Ed and the smes improve the module, but also have realistic expectations so that they have a great time and not worry on why the delta doesn’t have space engines or something. Im personally very excited for the module, to share portions of my world with peeps. I hope everyone who messes with it finds it enjoyable. I’m sure the smes feel the same.
  5. People are going to complain anyways. So hopefully you have the correctly dated TM. But the TM isn't the end all be all. I'd suggest if you have question of a difference between whatever documentation you're sourcing to ask. There quite a few SME's who have flown this specific version and model as their daily job. There are people who can help with other things like myself who haven't flown this specific model (I feel like I've been pretty open about that) but alot of the things are similar enough that I can explain. With access to supplemental information. Just because you don't get the answer you want doesn't make it wrong. I can read a book on carpentry but I 100% don't know more than a 15 year carpenter. So if I had a carpentry question regardless of the book I read, I'd probably lead off with a question. But I'd still bet that people are going to complain. Argue with the SME's, or people who actually fly helicopters, or maybe perhaps one of those people who fly 64's but not this specific version. TL,DR: If you have a presumption that something might be off, just ask the question rather than demand.
  6. I’m a little unsure what you mean by this.
  7. 3) I read, think, heard it's supposed to do this. Why doesn't it do this!
  8. People are going to complain no matter what.
  9. TBH with exception of a few, most of our maneuvers are very simple and extensions of basic maneuvers. Taking advantage of things that aerodynamically occur in a helicopter. I like your idea, you're gonna have to practice the basics though, then understand how to correlate them too your maneuvering flight if that makes sense. It's not all yanking and banking
  10. I had opportunity to hear about the mission in person from Gen Cody and a few of the pilots who were apart of TF Normandy and flew it from their point of view, one of the things interesting was how they got the aircraft approved for non standard configuration and them taking off well over max gross. Where there's a will there's a way. Now I could be mucking some of the details, it's been a while and a lot has happened so I might be combining missions. If there's something I said that's grossly off lemme know, but regardless I still think that mission is definitely one I'd like to see.
  11. I'm gonna pick a little bit at your ruins immersion part. So they used GPS nav to get to the release point via 53's. 53's dropped a chemlight marking a predetermined point where the 64's could realign their INU's. Due to the nature of the target and the amount of rehearsals, each crewmember knew exactly what they were going to strike, in fact 95% if not all of the mission was done with 0 comms. The only way they were able to accomplish this was due to the rehearsals, so that rules datalink out because you would have all the targets already, and you wouldn't want to transmit. Now IDK if they had the function at the time if they would have used it or not. It's half of one dozen of the other, but I think you could have just as an immersive experience if you wanted to. Drop the 53's, put the appropriate targets in the mission editor if that's a thing IDK, and don't use datalink. Just my opinion.
  12. Everyone has different goals and intents, maybe the AH isn't for him, and that's ok.
  13. That sucks if that's true, still enjoyed the book though.
  14. Before I transitioned I read Pale Horse, it's focused more about the BN Cdr's experience. I liked it, not so much ins and outs of just he AH but has some info about it. Either way I liked the book.
  15. You can probably expect primary seat to be back seat as primary, and what you want to do is going to determine where you sit. I think I would rather sit back for most of the stuff depending on what I’m trying to accomplish. It reaLly depends on how old George is as a gunner vs a pilot for me.
  16. Well the benefit in DCS is if it doesn't work you can try something else right?
  17. I gotchya, I guess I took it as electrical.
  18. Well in reality it'd be the first option, an electrical heating element around the canopy. I see he's talking about other modules. Was confused on why were were talking about anti-ice on the windshield wipers.
  19. Look I’ll be as literal as possible with no joking or smart assery. This post came after a flurry of other posts that you had commented on with your interpretation on if Ed and the development team are doing a realistic job or not. It was like watching you turn the pages of the tm. First of all I admire your passion and desire and dedication to go page by page through the tm but also remember there are a team of people who are just as passionate attempting to make the thing as realistic as possible but within the bounds of being reasonable as possible. Most of these peeps have real world experience with the aircraft and in-depth knowledge of its systems. Canopy Defog will probably make it in at some point, when you will likely use it if it’s being realistically modeled as answered earlier will be during cold start prior to blades turning most of the time. I’m sure there is very specific instance on when it would be in flight, but common on a hot humid day immediately after apu start. Haven’t personally experienced it too much on a cold day, maybe not enough humidity idk. Both can be mitigated / avoided if you set your cockpit temperature appropriately right after the displays power on. I think canopy pitting / scratches and bug splatter are realistic, I wouldn’t want to deal with it especially if I was flying day into the sun at home on dcs but that’s just me. I also think it’d be cool to have to actually dodge birds but I’m cool with the current situation. You’ve also posted really great questions, chop button is an example. You stated what you thought it did, but weren’t sure, nor on the purpose. Good question. At the same time you’ve stated things were not worthwhile on other peoples wish list items. While being completely ignorant and naive on it’s purpose. I’ll use the bag in this is instance. Which is contrary to your statement above. Now I don’t know what version of the tm you have and honestly I don’t care, what I will say is if it’s not the period accurate one there will be more things that are different. In addition, this aircraft has tons of supplemental information that’s not fully covered in the tm. So when the module releases and you find differences, I think you would find it more informative to ask what’s accurate rather than making an assumptions because you read something in the tm. I say this because there are things I’m wrong about every single day, and I learn new things every single day. I promise you the people working on this project want to provide the best module and experience that they can. They are just as passionate and dedicated. I apologize for to the smart assery. In the future if and when we communicate I’ll attempt to stay as literal as possible. No promises but I’ll try.
  20. There are things you can do fast, but all approaches usually end slow unless your rolling on, as you gain experience you'll be able to carry more speed in and then learn techniques to slow down for touchdown. Good luck
  21. Set a goal. Come up to a 5ft hover with minimal drift, constant heading. Take off and climb say 200 ft aho, make a good pattern, turn final and approach to a point you pick, and land to that point. You're likely going too fast on the final portion and just need to manage your speed better. I'm guessing again I'm just going off of what you're saying. Try to set your descent in, and start walking the speed back and maintain a constant approach angle or essentially flying directly too that point. Also be prepared to add power as you slow below ETL 16-24kts or so to maintain your desired rate of descent and approach. Then it translates too for DCS landing to a opening, controlling your rate of descent and approach speed so that you can make that intended point of landing and not hovering 100 ft aho trying to come down vertically. Or slamming into trees because you're too fast. Not saying to take it to serious, but hold yourself to an objective. If you drift off too much or climb up or fall through, make note of it and fix it. Hope it helps
  22. Well now I know what I'm gonna try.
  23. Pilot - T/O and cruise, L Engine R TSD. Objective- L WPN and VID switching back and forth pending the engagement R TSD. CPG not flying T/O L Engine R TSD, Cruise After I do whatever it is that needs to be done, L Weapon / Perf (to brief p* on current performance going into BP or something) Right TSD different scales and potentially looking at the area we're going too. Objective L Weapon R TSD CPG Flying mirrors Pilot. Primarily I use Engine top level, every so often scan the SYS side, Perf gets checked multiple times through the flight, Weapons page, the Video page if I'm Back seat to check what the cpg is looking at, and TSD to help me keep SA of what's going on around me and where the aircraft is to quickly set it up for engagements. And i have access to the flight page via the z axis of the symbiology switch. I will say I'm still refining how I use the pages, the ENG page isn't necessary because if anything does happen it will autopage for you back to the ENG Page. I'm not sure I'll ever stop refining what works and it'll probably be different for every pilot / mission. The important thing is when you do it, you'll find out what you find valuable and find what pages help you. Hope this helps
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