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  1. I do have an SSD 1TB, Windows 10 GTX 2060. Just something I picked up at Best Buy when my PC died. Temporary until I can rebuild my other PC.
  2. Thanks for the answers, I need to start pricing stuff to rebuild my gaming rig.
  3. Quick question, if I disable some modules(I got 26 including terrains) will that help to speed up load times? I need to upgrade my PC but until then I have to settle with what I have. I bought this gaming PC at Best Buy and it's surprising decent,IL2 is smooth as silk. My load times right now are pretty bad(about 4-5 min to get in pit) I want to put some unused(for now) modules into disable, and would like to know if this will help load time? I really like DCS, but sometimes the load times are really terrible(Multiplayer is real slow to load). Thank you
  4. Approach plates, I never heard that one before, thanks. I'll check my folder also.
  5. I'm looking to print out all runways and airports on Caucus map but I have no idea where to find anything. What should I search under Airports, runways, layouts, diagrams, I tried all but get directed to something completely irrelevant to what I'm looking for. All suggestions appreciated.
  6. Thank you, much appreciated.
  7. I was watching a tutorial video on CDU stuff, and he started using the TAD and he turned the map so it was N to S. I was wondering how to do that, flying with the map at a odd angle is a bit annoying.
  8. I'll take that as a no.
  9. Are you running Open beta or stable?
  10. I was just wondering if any squadron run on the stable version of DCS.
  11. The more I look for a chair, the more frustrating it becomes. Been checking out the suggestion I've received , WOW $1200 for one chair I was checking out, I think that one was a Steelcase. That's a little pricey. The Omegas are pretty sweet.
  12. Never thought about using a car seat, interesting.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll start looking these up.
  14. As the title says, I am looking for a decent chair for flying sims and gaming ingeneral. I picked up one about 2 months ago and it's doing my ass no favors, it's way too firm. My butts sore after 45 min. I'm looking for a nice gaming chair(or office chair) that tilts, height adjustments, etc. I'm not TOO worried about price, I'll shell out for a chair if I can spend hours in it without sore ass problems. As always, all help and suggestions are appreciated. ~S~
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