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  1. Allied Air Command is DCS multiplayer group. We base our wing structure off of a multi-national force. Currently we only represent the USAF and USMC, but as we grow other nations forces can be represented. We strive to maintain fun while still offering challenging training and flying along with team based custom PVE missions. Each squadron has one training night per week and we have one wing level mission per week. All of our training and mission times are based off of U.S. Eastern. Currently we have 3 active squadrons. Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 531 "Grey Ghosts"(F/A-18C), 77th Figh
  2. Thanks for the help all fixed and working :thumbup:
  3. Sure ill give it a try and see if that works :)
  4. I have tried to change the SSD to AHCI but everytime the computer boots it keeps crashing. Would I need to reinstall windows on the SSD drive on AHCI ?
  5. DCS is on the SSD drive and tthe SATA mode is IDE. driveers are all up todate and im using tuneup utilities
  6. Checked CPU usage and think it was 15%
  7. HannsG HH221 22 inch LCD TFT monitor 300 cd/m², 1000:1, 1920 x 1080, 5ms, DVI-D . 16:9
  8. Not running sli just one gtx 560ti 2gb . And win7 64bit pro.
  9. Computer is OC to 4.8 my frames would be around 50 then when I'm coming onto a target are flying low I start to shutter and fps are jumping all over the place. Sorry win7 64bit
  10. I have tryed the setting and still getting no joy I'm still getting a lot of shutter . I even formatted the computer installed all drivers and dcs only .
  11. Hey thanks ill give it a try with changing the NVIDIA Global 3D Settings and see what happens
  12. Hi i have seen other threads about this and can't seem to get dcs to run smooth . Every time I try playing I'm getting bad frame lag no matter what my setting are. My computer spec are . Core I7-2600k Quad core @ 4.8GHz Asus P8Z68-V Pro motherboard 16GB KIngston Hyper-X Genesis dual DDR3 1600MHz 2GB Nvidia GeForce 560ti 120GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD , Data 6GB/s Corsair Hydro series H100i Extreme Corsair 750w Enthusiast series TX750 V2-80
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