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  1. Ohhh nice! Figured the X-Ray damage and damage decals weren't one to one. Sweet!
  2. Nope, lots of people feel the same way, including myself. Silver's thread is the go to, to get some kind of idea where things are at in the DCS queue. CA is a hoot, love it, and it is getting some love (now), but they are doing a major revamp and that is exciting.
  3. @Silver_Dragon And his Unofficial Road Map thread is your friend. Best unofficial resource we have for all things DCS development: Land Modules: Combined Arms (2.0 on progress) (2021+) Add IFV / APC infantry transport capability (Planned) Detailed damage model system for ground units (on progress) Infantry Improvements (on progress) Improved ground unit AI decision making (on progress) New and improved ground unit effects (on progress) Player-controlled naval units (Planned) A much more detailed ground environment
  4. Same, huge fan of @Silver_Dragon 's work. So many people post about things over and over, that are already contained in his threads. Folks should always start with the Dragon threads before posting!!!
  5. I observed the behavior that OP listed . . . thought it was just me doing something wrong (quite possible), will test and confirm.
  6. Echoing @QuiGon - I do have 32GB of RAM, and Syria runs well for me, even on high settings. I do not have a monster system. I can maintain 60 FPS in single player, and 30 to 40 in Multi with a lot of stuff going on in the background, with Ultra skies, and SSAO etc. The real question is, have you researched the numerous articles regarding "Alt Tabbing", Enabling/Disabling device scanning, FXO/Meta Shaders folders, Clean installs, or installs on SSD's with non X86 locations for core binaries, and "Saved Games"??? Have you played around with "pre-load" and "radius" or viewable ranges? When was the last time you did a clean and repair? DCS isn't easy to play or run. It takes some research, and some tuning - but the rewards are worth it.
  7. Lead and second (myself) working targets at night over Cyprus. Clean up operations after a successful campaign. Teamwork and coordination. View full screen, to remove any white space or bright borders, can see detail better. When milsim, and teamwork create a great session.
  8. GM mode, in F-16. Expand, doppler offset, DB1, DB2, enhance, freeze. BWAAAA HA HA HA HA HA . . . clouds what clouds??????????? I can target anything in A2G . . . TGP (TPOD) what is that?
  9. Thank you - all it takes is patience. I am not saying ED hasn't dropped the ball here and there, but they always come through on some level, and the complexity of their creation when you really delve into the meshing of Combined Arms, Carriers, Flight, weapons systems, radar, weapons dynamics, radio, radio interoperability between airframes (think completion of SADL with A-10 and F-16) - it is mind boggling what they are reaching for, and what it will look like 5 years from now. DCS was mind boggling in 2012, and now it just blows my mind compared to then - it will only get better.
  10. People get sick. Their families get sick. Their co-workers get sick. The impact ripples throughout. You are talking to a network engineer that built the resources so "desk drivers" and "coders" could work from home - and production still faltered, not just with code, but many things. Peoples lives have been thrown into chaos, due to families and co-workers impacted by COVID - and their jobs too. Even "small" Indie studios, though I wouldn't characterize DCS in that manner. I deal with the impact to WFH day in and day out. For instance, lots of folks are not (drum roll) network savvy, they work from home, and their spouse or kids are on the home net. People have slow connections, or realize they have way too low bandwidth for what they are trying to do now - then you get "I build computers in school" jacking with everything while home from college and wreck the home net. We get calls day in and day out about inability to connect, and trying to troubleshoot home junk networks is a nightmare. WFH isn't some glorious cure that is going to "shatter" the centralized work place, it isn't going to go away either, but it isn't like Johnny code slinger goes home, and all his other code slinging WFH work buddies are suddenly more productive and nailing project deadline in the middle of a pandemic. First hand experience with this, from South America, North America, into Western Europe, Russia and China - code slingers and desk drivers are just as prone to impacts from COVID as a shop floor machine operator is, who cannot get enough sheet steel to manufacture product.
  11. Man, this is the BOMB!!! Thanks so much @scoobie The light bulb went on, when I modified the file, and now (as you mention) I can see multiple options to bind "standard speed" or "super slow" in my controls panel. Really slick - opens up a new way to map controls, and identify them accordingly.
  12. Flying DCS since 2011 as Steam version before switching over. Original Kickstarter participant of 4 aircraft. Years waiting. ED/DCS saved the project. They lost money on it. Yet they salvaged it. I just flew other excellent aircraft in the meantime. Now I am getting beautiful warbirds, and over time they keep getting better. Paid like everyone else (and then some). ED/DCS is working an entire world, ground/sea/air - extremely ambitious and far reaching. If they say they will get to the Yak, they will - fly another module in the meantime and enjoy one of the premier simulators for desk top nerds out there, in the combat arena. EA is EA. Focus changes, even on released modules. Also - COVID for 2 years now. There are always other titles if you are that aggrieved. This isn't Borderlands 3, or CoD. (I do enjoy some mindless Borderlands 3 Moze mech grind/build).
  13. I too get the jittering switch for Boost, bound to TM Throttle button/switch.
  14. Thank you sir! That was it! Not sure how that happened - I did not explicitly map those yet prior to latest OB. OR, I had, and prior to OB the logic wasn't working or was reversed. Prior to start, I set the switches to neutral, and viola! Fly my bird! Much appreciated. Silver lining, at least now I have functionally mapped feathering on my HOTAS! Not a bug - a problem then. Moderator can delete or move post, sorry for bother. Thank you, same reasons as mentioned for @Nealius
  15. Load up any free flight, or Mossie mission. Engines die no matter what I try to do to avoid it, almost immediately. All was fine prior to this update. Throttles, pitch etc. mapped to TM HOTAS and stick. Thinking a "problem", and not a bug. Possibly a new mapping interfering? Any help would be appreciated, can't fly my bird. Tried re-mapping, checked Axis controls etc. Trk file attached, happens immediately after mission start. Did I miss something in the change log? Tried instant missions with my P-47 which has similar HOTAS mappings, and all is well with engine management. Any Mossie mission, you get that chugging and stuttering on near full throttle, and one or the other engine will die quickly. Video coming soon - apologies for all the background noise. Had mic on, you get to hear my chair squeaking! Comment will take you to engine failure at 1:09 - engines always drop in RPM on mission start, even with throttles full forward, can see this at beginning of vid. Happens on any mission. MossieEngineshutdown.trk
  16. Been watching patch drops since 2011 - always pleased with the results. Looking forward to this one. No requests, no demands, no drama. Just thanks for all the hard work.
  17. Welcome to the Brrrrrt. Chuck's Guides, but many other resources exist by various groups, as others have mentioned or will get mentioned. The built in training missions are helpful also. Piecemeal was my approach. Learn one thing, on one Device (i.e. TGP, or DSMS, Up Front Controller) and what it does. The things it can do for you, like Data Entry, or drilling down into a weapons station. Then move on to more complex things like the CDU. Start simple though, like how to use the Gun pipper, and do a gun run. Then move to dropping a dumb bomb, or using a laser guided rocket like the APKWS hydra's, which will lead to other laser guided munitions. One piece, one step, one function at a time. Once you get a few hours in to each MFD (Multi-Function Display), then things will start to glue together, and you will have "ah ha!" moments. Of course these forums are awesome for stuff that is driving you nuts.
  18. Any relation to "I'm Rick James!!!"
  19. Nothing like some weekend masochism to get things started!!!
  20. Still not the prettiest AAR - but no longer whiteknuckle bunched up shoulders for 20 mins!!
  21. Just practice!!! Used to take me 20 white knuckle minutes, now down to about 7 min to transfer 9,000 pounds. Still not pro or pretty, but practical on a mission with JTF-191 Squadron (main flight crew, they helped with a lot of suggestions during qual) and on missions.
  22. The only observation I have with this - when and what model family become the "top end graphics" card that you are optimizing for? GPU companies model lifetimes are shrinking. What is "top end" this quarter, could be eclipsed in 6 months. Where do you set the standard, because at this point, it is a moving goal post with lifetimes measured in months, not even a solid year anymore.
  23. Missing man flight, and other formations as a memorial tribute by our team, JTF-191
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