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  1. If I make online this week @Adamastor will try to see if I can replicate, during training if you wish.
  2. If I can't fly - I can ride!

  3. I am seeing this with the A-10CII module. Especially over Syria map. Guess I need to queue up some before/after videos, tracks, and submit a possible Bug report in the Bug section of the A-10CII, and reference this thread.
  4. When I first bought this map, the first thing I did was fly out to the location of Dier-ez-Zur to see if we could even make a tiny sliver workable. The inclusion of Dier-ez-Zur opens up the addition of so many new scenarios. Now, we just need more of Northern Iraq, so we can get scenarios like the Battle of Haditha Dam for a 160th SOAR missions!
  5. A stutter here and there (Syria map!) Sometimes I drill 60+ FPS, sometimes not so much - but the Instant Action Syria mission (Ground targets) and popping a tank Lets try this WYSIWYG editor . . . update! Yet again!
  6. Good Lord man! Just stumbled across this thread. I was perfectly happy with my solution to use the A-10C HOTAS and stick for my P-47 - now you have shattered that, must have!
  7. Yes, I was surprised. I have had the 2 or 3 trigger failure also. At least now we know it isn't the map. I punched WEP several times there at the end, and it worked fine up till about the 10 min mark. So valid point - Did I have another 5 mins? Was my usage of it only good for 10 mins or so? Should I have gotten a solid 15? Don't have those answers, but for 10+ mins, it worked fine either locked, or multiple presses. Unfortunately, no real insight.
  8. Well, latest OB, not a single one! The most reliable run of WEP I have had . . . running latest OB, over Syria, -30
  9. It doesn't??? I am with @Pikey on this one. She flies like a dream, but if you just jump in without trimming for torque etc. she is reactive to control inputs. Just asking for clarification, to make sure I understand your statement. Maybe my perception is based on the way I have set my curves, and I have all the flight/trim and engine management controls mapped to my A-10C TM Warthog HOTAS and Joystick - so my experience my not reflect others.
  10. Vfaco - You fly the P-47 with the throttle, in essence the throttle is the Boost (Turbocharger)/Throttle and Prop Pitch controls. Locking the Boost lever to the Throttle, and Pitch full forward is the simplest way to explain it. The R2800 generates a lot of torque, and will roll the airframe to the left with no trim to offset, it will also "walk the nose" of the aircraft if you change throttle positions suddenly, either by backing off of it, or firewalling (full forward) it. The torque will play havoc with hands-off flight. With all things set, Throttle/Pitch/Boost all full forward, y
  11. Now I understand, thanks for the clarification. I will certainly try some repeated negative G maneuvers and see if it will stop functioning - similar to activating more than a couple times with WEP button.
  12. True, but only momentarily. Once you return to a neutral vector, or even with positive G's, function returns. Maybe that is what you meant, if so, apologies.
  13. I have experienced this, since WEP was introduced. On DM server, and with this latest OB. At first I thought it was me, researched etc. As near as I can tell, like this thread, it is intermittent even with no damage. As long as I engage, and lock, it will run for a good (approximately) 15 minutes. But if I engage it without lock, a couple of times of differing duration, it will cease to function after two uses. Any WEP button depress after two uses will yield nothing. This happens in SP (todays OB), and on the DM servers this last weekend.
  14. Great news, have plenty of beautiful WWII birds to keep busy until then, specifically the P-47D-XX on the DM servers!
  15. My weak, and poorly executed JTAC interaction, using Voice Attack. Still use menus, because I am bad, and forget flow. Still, managed to get it done with AI. The lords name is taken in vain, some cussing, not full on sailor in a brothel with a major fist fight, but you will hear some. [YOUTUBE]3FksgQLq-iI[/YOUTUBE]
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