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  1. Nine, A before and after snapshot. Included a frame grab of my graphics settings. A-10CII test runs. Syria. Also, autoexec.cfg is set for true to disable hotplug per other threads. Latest OB as of this date. Running latest NVIDA driver for 460.89 for "Creator" - but I have also experienced this with 461 on this Beta version. The graphics settings are my "middle range" that I run for Syria. I run higher, almost everything on max, for maps like Caucasus, NTTR. The Channel I get some stutter, as well as Normandy with higher settings. Persian Gulf almost none, for any setting
  2. Thanks for all this! I will say one thing about the P-51 with "ground loop" on take off (if that is what you mean). I discussed this effect with my wife's Uncle who works for the FAA, and also a crash site reconstruction expert. He rebuilds Luscombe's as a hobby. He recounted what he knew, from a friend that flew the P-51 in WWII (This was several years ago, when the P-51 first released), and he told me how to set the rudder trim, and other surfaces for take off. From that day forward, I never "ground looped" into the dirt again. Not saying that the effect wasn't too exag
  3. Similar to what I have done before with the stock Caucasus DCS mission, slightly modified, time and weather. Plus no in game menus - all Voice Attack Driven. Tutorial? No intended to be one, but you can get a feel for the ebb and flow of Waypoint creation, and interaction with JTAC. I do miss a couple of cues, as noted in the video.
  4. Black Shark 2, A10C, A10CII, F-16, F/A-18, F-86, Mig-15, Mig-21, P-51, F-15, Su-27, Su-33, Mig-29, FW-190 Dora, Anton, BF 109, Normandy, Caucasus, NTTR, Persian Gulf, Channel, Syria, WWII Assets, CA. (WWII backer picked aircraft ME-262, P-47D).

  5. Good news! I do try to not end up with many overrides in NVIDA panel settings, but VSync is one of those things that can cause issues in DCS. I only went with "Fast" as it seems to be a good compromise depending on how high you set your resolution in-game. That said (as I have done this rodeo many times with DCS since 2012 ish) - the next update, for us Beta folks, may cause the issues again for some other reason. Such is the fate of Beta, but I don't bemoan it too much as this is the life we choose in Beta. Since last update I have had to modify by autoexec.cfg due to device
  6. Caldera (Yellowstone or bigger??!) Sorry for late reply. Busy all week with security issues, Internet/software stuff. I would be hesitant to recommend any video settings as I am a noob, and just looking at mine - they are quite a bit different. A mix of mostly high/ultra with some other settings tweaked in NVIDA Control panel like VSync (Fast) for the game, but off in DCS itself. There are many more experts around here that can advise you on that. My system is kind of Frankenstein so I would be worried I would steer you wrong.
  7. No sir, it isn't normal. When I fiddle with Gain etc. it is the exception, not the rule. An every now and again thing. I only nuke the FXO and Meta folder on updates, I don't delete them every start. Honestly, I am flumoxed as to why you have this recurring issue. Possibly some other external factor like Nvidia settings?
  8. I have used the Panzer IV with other nations. Russia, Syria, etc. in ME.
  9. Caldera, Not sure how many hours you have in the A-10. I understand the drive to "fly like it is real" and it is frustrating to do immersion breaking things, but considering your post with ME and player controlled vehicles, I would cut yourself some slack here and do active pause. I only mention this, as I routinely fiddle with the gain etc. when needed and still manage to keep targets in my view, and locked, but I have a lot of time in the A-10 since about 2011/12 ish, also in the KA-50 from that time frame, so this kind of interaction and speed takes time to become second nature. P
  10. All, maybe this is known, and I am in way over my head here. First thanks for all this information, very helpful. I have found though, that by selecting either BHOT or WHOT, and then adjusting Gain, or the Levels (found on MFD left hand side of TGP display), you can alternatively worsen or remove the effect of total occlusion. Meaning I jack with the levels until I can get a clear image through smoke. Guessing you guys have already tried this, therefore ignore. If not, give it a whirl. I know it means dinking around with knobs and dials, but it gives me consistent repeatabl
  11. Alright, that seals it. When Yo-Yo weighs in, concurs, but also elaborates on how the forces are balanced against different sources of cylinder pressure and explains that one being out of sync or outside of nominal conditions, then you will overload the main/master bearing during hard windmilling and low throttle. I am going with this. Thanks everyone for the time and detail, fascinating and learned even more about my favorite Warbird.
  12. Well, that's helpful. Two diametrically opposed descriptions, and one that explains something in between. Guess I just need to slam the throttle to zero, do dives from 15K feet one after another, and see how many times I destroy the engine?
  13. Thank you sir, magnificent and easy to understand. Now I get why pulling the throttle back too far on a steep dive to compensate for engine torque (nose wobble) can lead to damage or worse. As to all the other posts regarding how the P-47 handles. Yeah, when I mention torque exclusively, I figure most folks would understand you must have dealt with all the other pitch and roll axis, just like any other aircraft. I fly the 47 with a short stick, and regardless of any OB patch, once you get a feel for the influence of torque, trim (axis), throttle speed, and engine settings y
  14. Gotcha! Probably more relevant now with the last update that included bearing damage. I will do a few bomb runs with "old habits" and see what happens. Makes sense, thanks for updating me!
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