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  1. Very, very impressive flying! Makes me wonder if I just suck in flying in general
  2. Unfortunately the pilot needs to "jerk" the stick all over in order to fly the MiG-29 in DCS. Any smooth movements of the stick will cause oscillations. One other thing that happens on the MiG-29 during the takeoff roll is that at one point the plane decides that 10 degrees pitch up is not sufficient enough for takeoff and drops like a rock back on to to the runway - sudden loss of lift or something similar. All in all, quite a poor experience.
  3. I've been flying Soviet jets since day one. I decided one time to try out F-15C. Man, I scored a kill but it was with AIM-9 on the deck. TWS, AIM-120, all this proved useless in my hands, I just could not shake off the tactics from the Fulcrum/Flanker. The thing that confuses me the most are radar range and the attitude indicator. I find RWR much more useful on the NATO airframes, 'cause it doesn't really tell you much about the threat's range, so I tend to be much less complacent compared to say SPO-15. My second flight in the Eagle, I got shot down by an Su-25T
  4. My notch happened beyond 10km. Maybe that has something to do with it?
  5. There are a number of threads concerning this topic. For me it feels super weird on takeoffs and landings. Also tends to go crazy at high AoA.
  6. Let's not forget that ECM also effects other systems like RWRs, DLs, radios and fusing. Now I am not sure how much do the "oboard" pods do and how much it's up to designated ECM aircraft.
  7. Could it be that after loosing the target in radar BVR mode and EOS taking over, the radar just defaults back to CCM?
  8. Close Combat Mode at 20km? That is interesting indeed. Why would it switch to this mode? I picked the target up in BVR mode. I was also under the impression that Close Combat Mode in DCS has a range limit of 10km.
  9. To be honest it was in heat of the battle, so I can't remember really. Knowing my habits, it was probably a case of radar lock being broken and EOS taking over automatically. I do remember that the LA was not flashing as it does when the target is locked by EOS only. The missile guided to target with the HUD looking the same as in the screenshot.
  10. I had a weird situation the other day: had a hostile locked up with both my EOS and radar, but I never received any speed, aspect nor altitude of the target. On the screenshot you can see that I had LA for my R-27ER which did go off eventually and hit the target. Anyone has an idea on what's happening here?
  11. The HDD( head-down display) in MiG manual is described as "capable of reading even in direct sunlight", so if the Su-27 is using the same unit, this is definitely a bug, since the one on the screenshot is completely unreadable.
  12. There is no fragmentation in DCS. It's collision based: the missile needs to hit the target. Something like this:
  13. Seems to me that this "pizza defrosting" timer for the FC3 ECM will stay as is, with an explanation that the F/A-18 is in early access and that at some time in the future FC3 will get updated as well. Then we will wait for years for this to happen and complain here on forums in endless posts, while we get our radar locks broken by the Hornet. In the meanwhile a bunch of "blue" drivers will keep convincing us that ECM is highly classified and that no one really knows how exactly it works and that there are sim limitations and that FC3 is no priority and that ED needs to pay salaries to it
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