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  1. Thank you Baldrick33, but I had explain it badly: I really wanted to say that, when I click in my simshaker for aviators shortcut, then the program appears in the System Tray (sorry, I named it "task bar"). But, the jeatseat is not working, so, when I want to open the program in the System Tray, the icon dissapear...it closes by itself whean I try to reach it with the mouse.

  2. Hi,


    I have gametrix from Andre and Simshaker for aviators since long time ago, and I am very happy with it. But recently I try to run Simshaker for aviators, and appear in the task bar, but dissapear as soon as I try to open it. My gametrix is ok, because works with Jetseat control panel. So the problem is with Simshaker for aviators


    I was thinking to reinstall it, but I don´t know how to uninstall it, any idea? Thank you

  3. Hi,


    Reverb here. I don´t know why, but I don´t need to deactivate my "virtual screens" anymore, so I think the problem for WMR headsets is solved. Regards.


    P.D.: I do not post quite often, but I have to say again: pointctrl is amazing, thank you Miles!

  4. I have an Andre´s seat (great!) but I want to combine with a buttkicker (for example, I want my hotas to shake, it is mounted in an iron structure), but I don´t know how to do it, any advice? Is it by independent software?

  5. Hey Dutch,

    I am glad that you are happy with your PointCTRL, I enjoyed talking with you yesterday. The screen share in discord really makes the talk ons easy.


    Update: Now Serving 1 thru 200

    All but 2 of the previous groups orders went out today, and those two who just got their tracking info will go out tomorrow.


    We are rolling production again!!





    Hi Miles,






    Your inbox is full, so I can´t send you a PM, but I have sent the order email. Please, tell us if it is necessary to resend the PM later. Thank you very much.

  6. Hi all,


    Loving my gametrix jetseat so far... but looking for improve my experience, because I really enjoy the shaking of my body, but missing the shake of my hotas, installed in wheel stand pro (wsp), an iron estructure. So i was thinking to buy a buttkicker game 2 to put it in the wsp, but I have read that it is not compatible with gametrix jetseat, isnt it? So, is there any solution to put vibrations in my wsp running at the same time with my jeatseat? Thank you

  7. Hi all,


    Thinking about buying a reverb on black friday, but I have heard that there are good units and bad units (seems like the sooner ones have some trouble). If it is like this, how can I identify the "good" ones? Is there a serial number or something? Any advice or tip for a future buyer? Thank you

  8. FOV is roughly the same.


    To the OP, when you go to the Reverb from a CV1, you should actually be able to turn a few things up in your graphics settings and get better performance. The main factor that allows that to happen is that with the Reverb, you can set your DCS PD to 1.0. If you keep your Steam VR SS at 100%, that will also give you more headroom for turning things up, and still get better performance than in your CV1. I have found that going above 1.0 PD in DCS, and/or going above 100% SS in Steam VR has no noticeable effect on clarity. I'm even running 4X MSAA in DCS now, with only an occasional episode of ghosting.


    If you had your DCS PD set to 2.0 for your CV1 like I did, when you first try the Reverb, about the only thing you'll immediately notice is the absence of SDE and godrays. Its when you try putting on that CV1 again that you'll say "Holy cow! This looks awful!". Aircraft and ground target spotting are dramatically improved, and wait until you start firing Mavericks in the A-10C with the Reverb. You'll actually be able to use the quick-draw function of those missiles without being right on top of your target. You'll be able to see all of your targets through the Maverick from a lot further away.


    Definitely worth the money! I hung on to my CV1 though, just because I wanted to have good, reliable access to my Oculus games. Using Revive is OK for that purpose, but its pretty buggy.



    Thank you, very clear now! :thumbup:

  9. Immersive is a slippery term that means different things to different people.


    For me the night and day difference is the resolution. In the CV1 you constantly have to use VR zoom to read/understand MFD's or read instrument lettering. I actually got quite good at knowing instinctively which MFD buttons to push because I couldn't actually read the lettering using the CV1. It was like I was flying with 20/60 vision. The reverb is night and day better, I can read even tiny instruments, and notice details that were basically invisible in the CV1 (for example grooved surfaces on the runway).


    But there is more to immersion for some folks than just resolution. The color depth/rendering is way better on the CV1 as the most striking example. The sound seems better on the CV1 as well. And the occulus controllers are better. Tracking is more consistent on the rift as well (external vs internal) but mostly not a big deal. For me these are relatively minor issues. Compared to the increased clarity, readability, and spotting that the Reverb offers.


    If you are only playing flight sims (all I do) then the controllers are a moot point. And all the current gen headsets are using LCD panels vs OLED of the first generation so they all take a hit color depth wise. If I cared much about sound the Reverb has a 3.5mm jack so I can dismount the built in speakers and plug in whatever headset I want, but I don't care enough.


    For me, the resolution is the most important thing and I'm willing to make the relatively small tradeoffs (for me) in terms of color/sound/controllers. Nothing beats just being able to read your instruments without worrying about, or reading the labels by them. And being able to spot aircraft in MP is a major plus.


    Thank you for your explanation.



    The controllers are not too much important for me, because I have ordered Pointctrl (as you did, I think)



    Well, I see it is hard to choose the best headset for dcs, and it depends on the personal preferences...

  10. From my experience both the Reverb and Index are a huge leap from the CV1. I originally got DCS when I had the CV1 but it wasn't until I could see the cockpit and surroundings so much better I really have got into it. For me at least yes it is night & day.



    Thank you. I am really happy with my CV1, but we are always looking for improvements, don´t we?



    Nevermind, turning back to the topic, never going back to a flat screen...

  11. Yeah I sat a friend of my in the tomcat with my old CV1, and aside from the readability issues, he was blown away. I need to get him down to try it with the Reverb.



    Is the reverb much more inmersive than Oculus CV1? I mean in DCS, or any other simulators (like xplane, aerofly, flyinside...), because these are the only "games" I really play. Is the reverb a night and day change, as I have read? Thanks

  12. Hey guys


    Wags mentioned in his last tutorial of the AGM-84D Harpoon that there will be further information in the Hornet ea guide.


    As I am on holiday and very interested in reading this stuff, is there a link of the actual ea hornet guide?






  13. Hi,



    I am abroad spending my summer time and can´t update DCS, so I can´t have the new early access manual of the Hornet that was released last week. I am very interested in reading it, now that I have time, so could anybody kindly link the pdf? I have searched but I only found the first version.Thanks in advance.



    Best regards.

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