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  1. I can confirm this. Also i'll add the preset channels that don't show up seem to be working, it's just the channel indication that doesnt change until you get to ch.6. Both VHF AM and FM panels
  2. Clear! If you need more hands on the testing I can help side I can help. I'm not too skilled on the scripting/coding but I can certainly test the build with various systems, especially for the A10C as I pretty much fly with it 100% of the time. Just shoot me a PM with the details if there's a free spot
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! I'm currently on Helios v1.6.3304, did i miss a release? Everything works perfectly with the "old" A10C, but not with the new A10C_2. Some switches do work but i get no MFCDS nor other instruments working. What steps could i try?
  4. I found an issue with the A10C_2. It all works fine for Radio1 (VHF AM) and Radio2 (UHF) but whenever I try to use Radio3 (VHF FM) instead of switching to it, it starts transmitting on the last radio i used. Is it just my installation that has something messed up?
  5. Do you have an ETA on A10C_2 support? (no pressure of course, just asking :) ) EDIT: As of the update that just dropped for DCS (, nothing works anymore, not even MFCDs export and the other few things that were working with Helios :(
  6. Yes it's a common problem. The new A10 is seen as a new module so i guess it will require new scripts to be released with an update for helios (hopefully soon :smartass: )
  7. Same here, seems to be a bug in the default mapping file
  8. TGP not resetting with China Hat Aft As per title, China Hat Aft short is not resetting the TGP, instead it starts LSS. Steps to reproduce: 1- Make sure China Hat Aft is mapped in the controls 2- Move the TGP around 3- Press China Hat Aft Short expected: TGP should reset to boresight mode actual: TGP goes in LSS mode
  9. BigNewy confirmed on Facebook that the release is still planned for the 30th. This screen shot is from yesterday
  10. +1000000000 but i would't get my hopes up, nothing about the TAD has been even remotely mentioned about the upgraded features for A10C-II
  11. I plan to replace the TISL panel with the HMCS control head and sneak the ARC210 somewhere by the other radios by doing some resizing in Helios. I'm confident the parts that are the same will remain equal with exports and what not
  12. SAS currently DOES provide turn coordination, not sure what you guys are talking about
  13. I can confirm it's as described by Snoopy. You can see your own lights remaining steady, whilsh other's remain on the flash mode no matter the switch setting. The only way to see other's lights steady is for them to go pinky switch forward
  14. Hi, i've come across a bug with the TAD. If you set the BULL/CURS mode, it should show the bullseye readout of whatever place you have the cursor on (not necessarily a steer/mark/mission point but also just the map itself). It doesn't. The one workaround i found is to set the BULL/CURS mode, then "lock" yourself with TMS UP on the TAD and only then you'll be able to get the BE readout. I'm not sure if this is intended or a bug as i couldn't find any details on how the TAD should work on manuals i have access to. Thanks
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