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  1. Mine is not working either. It usually seems to take 1-2 weeks though for me. Fingers crossed.
  2. Great for those who did not hold off after the same thing happened with the HUEY.
  3. I have been waiting for it to stop saying my key is invalid. Hopefully it works soon.
  4. I paid Full price on the Huey and was not really upset. It is a great module. I waited until today for the Mi8 and picked her up at 60% off. The Steam sale last fall Got me back into Sims with the DCS A-10C for $9.99. I have since picked up every module. because of that I was happy to support a developer in buying the HUEY on Day 1 at full price. I have spent more in Star Citizen supporting the Development and it will not even be playable for flying in Alpha for months. If you want to support and encourage developers then pay the price at release if you can and enjoy the module. If money
  5. I had the same mast bumping issue initially. I had some duplicate mappings by default which was creating unwanted cyclic input and causing the mastbump and sheering it off causing the rotors to fly off.
  6. Now I need to scour the map to search. Wags better not be trolling. =P
  7. I originally bought DCS A-10c though Steam last year. and moved to DCS World. Since I have since purchased all of the DCS modules I would not like to buy them again just to have them run through steam with the rest of my games.
  8. It has taken me a while to get comfortable with the Huey. Especially with my focus being on the A-10c. But with practice I am getting better with it each time I fly. I can now get her safe back on the ground and undamaged on a regular basis. I can usually get her landed in the spot I intend. I am still having trouble making any type of hot landing. But it just take a constant eye on the rate of decent and keeping the collective moving to keep it at a safe rate. As the muscle memory builds it become more habit and it takes less focus on that aspect. This airframe is less forgiving than the Bl
  9. So I was introduced to the ability to use snap views of the cockpit last week by using Ctrl+0 instead of having to hold Ctrl+whatever number Io wanted to see. This has been helpful, but on occasion it has caused my HUD to be broken afterwards. The Image of the HUD was huge and useless. Tonight when running through a stand alone mission I figured out how I am breaking it. When I use Ctrl+0 then select another view when I am done I keep hitting F1 to leave the view. When I do this is pops back to the central snap view and once I hit Ctrl+0 to move back to the standard view mode the HUD will be
  10. As the title says "I assume the rotors are supposed to stay on.". I just got the Huey and tried the instant action Free Flight. As soon as I un-pause I see the rotors spin off the Huey and fly up and off to the left. I am finding it much more difficult and less exciting to fly sans rotors.:P
  11. Some would suggest just leaving the Litening II AT off the plane if you want more of a challenge. The targeting pod is not mandatory. I often fly without it to get more practice using the old reliable MK I eyeball.
  12. Where does TARS Control Panel draw the DCS World Version number from? I have removed apps re-installed fresh copies and gone as far as deleting the DCS directory in Saved Games and scrubbing TARS from the registry. But when I go into the TARS Control Panel it reports DCS World even though that was removed prior to installing 1.2.3 when it was released. At this point I am considering wiping my whole PC because whatever file it is looking at is telling TARS I have a different version than is actually installed on my PC.
  13. I am trying to install these today with the same error. "DCS:Black Shark 2 not found! Installation interupted!" It seems like it may be looking for a stand alone game instead of the DCS module because I can use the KA-50 Just fine in DCS World. By just fine I mean is works. I crash it quite fast. Hence my wishing to have training modules for it.
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