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  1. Добрый день! Невероятное спасибо ED за 2.7! БЕСПОДОБНО! А тема Ил-2 обсуждается? Спасибо!
  2. Developed by: Eagle Dynamics - Strategic Simulations, Inc. (1997) - Flight Simulation - Rated: K-A: Kids to Adults Own the sky! From Russia comes the definitive military flight simluator! It's no rumor, the Russians are coming, and they've got the most amazing flight simulator you've ever seen! Modeled after the awsome SU-27 Flanker by a team of Russian aerospace professionals. SU-27 Flanker is being hailed as the most realistic flight sim ever for the PC. A powerful, multi-tiered Mission Editor involves you in everything from single training missions to the planning and execution of full scale campaigns - all in exquisite detail. Take the role of Pilot, Squadron Commander or Teater General, in this hypothetical Russia vs. the Ukraine shoot-out! Whichever role you choose, stay alert! Your enemy in the air and on the ground is very technically accurate, deadly and tenacious! From the Manufacturer: Su-27 Flanker is a realistic flight simulator released for the PC. Developed in Russia by Eagle Dynamics and published by SSI, Su-27 Flanker contained a realistic and detailed flight model in a less competitive graphics shell, allowing the simulation to run on relatively minimal computer system requirements at the time. The focus of the game was to be an accurate simulation of the Su-27's capabilities and drawbacks, at what some would say, the sacrifice of graphics allure.However this changed significantly with the release of Flanker 2.0 and required a powerful PC with a correspondingly powerful graphics accelerator card. Platform: IBM PC Compatible Publisher: Strategic Simulations, Inc. Release Date: 1995 Developer: Eagle Dynamics Developer: The Fighter Collection Genre: Simulation UPC: 016685052494 Media: CD-ROM Rating: ESRB: K-A (Kids to Adults) System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 95 / 98 I http://www.labelgames Su-27 Flanker [PC Game] .com/Item/id114.html
  3. I upgraded my 4Gb Imac 27" with extra 16 Gb! DCS is much smoother now!!! Absolutely fantastic upgrade! I recommend at least 16 Gb RAM!
  4. Guys, is it really important how to call the cockpits correctly: 2D, 3D low res, 3D high Res?? The point is that the LAST cockpits version Cuts the FPS. And I actually found another thread featured to this problem. Besides, people complain about the drop of FPS with the night illumination on. SO the request to the developers is - PLEASE, make a SMALL swith - old/new cockpits ON/OFF! It will cost NOTHING)) but will make it much smoother to fly for all of us, just like without cockpit shadows, Too much realism is harming the gameplay. thanx
  5. YEAP! You are right. 2D. this is what I wrote first and then changed to 3D)) I thought 2D term is too old to be the case)) But you got me right - I need old, fast, sweet RECARDO's 2D cockpit for Su-27) Can somebody tell me how to change back to 2D from the current 3D? thanx Edd
  6. Hi Guys!! After flying with the new non-clicable cockpits I decided to ask you for a vote poll (Who can organize it?) The new 6DOF cockpits for Su-27, 25 are nice and definitely a progress, but they do slow down the FPS at least by 30% on my IMAC 27" machine with all delais MAXed. I can definilety put some of the setting lower and it will run Ok. But the other reason for my request is that I don't use Track IR.... and I really miss RECARDO's HD cockpits. So the question is who would support the idea of making the 6DOF ckockpits optional in the game settings? It would probably be Ok for those who don't want to sacrifice FPS for unused 6DOF feature and probably cockpit shadows, which are just a nice eyecandy. By the way, cockpit shadows ARE optional I hope it is not too difficult to apply in the next patch or at least there is some way to manually replace the su-27 cockpit with 3D textures (!?!). (who can tell me how?) Thank you for understanding. And I hope it IS easy to make an on-off button in the game menu. Best regards Edd
  7. I would preferrably go for the Maximal configuration of Imac 27", but for that price I could probably have built 2 perfect PCs with ALMOST the same LCD screens. although the compactness of MAC definitely is an argument. I actually bought it for my wife to edit photos, but the compromice was to install WIn 7 on it (bbotcump) to fly Flaming cliffs 2, and it worked PERFECTLY!! I was amazed by the smoothness of the sim on the MAX-MAX game settings on the default screen resolution. AMAZING picture......!! Unbeliavable.... And I thinnk SSD is a MUST! (I think))
  8. IMac 27" i5 3.1Ghz 4Gb RAM RADEON 6970 1Gb Bootcamp Win 7 64 bit DCS WORLD, All setting maxed - smooth like silk !!!! Waiting for the new SU-27 Model.
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