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  1. I have used TS3 and SR in DCS when I was active with a squadron group with the Huey... neither of them seemed to work very well as it was difficult to keep everyone on the same page as regards updates; we spent more time sorting the radio comms out than we did flying! So I was pleased to hear that DCS was integrating there own long over due in-house chat system to work with the aircraft radios; but even just a simple open chat facility would be nice for starters. I understand from reading various threads that there are ongoing problems implementing Voice Chat! It is a shame that this was nev
  2. Oh, thanks... having the same problem in the Huey with ATC not responding! Unfortunatly the radio stuff seems way down the pecking order for fixes.
  3. I am not sure if this is typical to all... I find that my binding for the Warthog left throttle arm for the Huey throttle does not bind correctly... so make sure that you can see the throttle rotate on the collective (on screen) before startup else the turbine will not increase RPM past idle! Use the KB keys 'page up / page down' to kick start the Warthog left throttle. Once done it then works ok after! Itried removing the KB binds incase this was interfering with the Warthog binding... but it didn't fix it!
  4. Hi, that may be a typo reversa on the switch label, never noticed it myself! With the squelch 'on', it should disable the radio noise... then, only a signal 'above' the squelch floor level will be heard. It is useful to check that the UHF radio is working on startup by tempoararily turning the squelch off so you can hear the radio background noise. You would not normally want to run with the squelch off unless you were trying to hear a very weak signal below the squelch floor level! I normally prefer radio's with a variable squelch... if the real Hueys are done like this it is probably a p
  5. Hi all... I'm having an issue with the ATC not responding on VHF (AM( (pos. 3) and UHF (pos.2) radios. Radio's turned on, correct freq. selected, squelch breaks in when test, rotary control set to correct position, master volume turned to max. all switches on radio selector switched to 'up'. This is while sat on the apron. I hear other messages transmitted by ATC, like 'incoming aircraft' etc. ADF, ILS and VOR all work fine. Aka, after selecting radio and freq. I select ATC (for the correct airport), select 'radio start up' or 'proceed to runway' etc. I hear my radio transmission
  6. Central control panel: Make sure that you have the rotary radio TX selector positioned to '3' for VHF AM radio. There is also a master radio volume control alongside it ^ Just above that is the audio cut-out switches... make sure they are in the up position for the radio you want to recieve (RX) (all up is good for starters).
  7. Neat idea... only problem I forsee is that I use many of the buttons and sliders on the Hog throttle and would not be able access them easily with my hand on the collective rod
  8. The mouse should be to your left so you can use your left hand for the mouse (collective)... you can use a mouse with either hand can't you?
  9. Check that you don't have multiple bindings set for the trim switch? That can screw things up big time; I find that updates can sometimes add extra bindings to other controllers!
  10. Any update on the availability of the Vietnam map? Sush scope here if it could happen... esp. for the rotor heads!
  11. I landed the Huey on the carrier just outside of Bantumi in the Cobra mission and just sunk right through the deck as though it was not there?
  12. I can't understand why the most sellable map and use of exisisting craft is not out yet... the Vietnam map! DCS is just gagging for it. Where is it/date?
  13. Yup, me too... I could not update the last 2.5 unified version; I had an error messgae telling me I did not have enough memory on my 480Gb SSD. I have not been able to buy any new contaent lately because of this problem. I only have DCS and Win10 on this PC... so I guess I will have to purchase another SSD (drive 'D') and then try and move some stuff? Not sure how easy that will be though... as I have the Beta version and the standard version. Actually the new unified version has me wondering if I still need the Beta version... is it still valid to keep the beta now? Hop
  14. Yeah... the only reason I use DCS is for the Huey. I have all the world modules and add-ons... but only as a back drop to the Huey. Alasa it does appear to be the poor relative in the DCS stable :( Updates far and few and no sign of any developement. The worlds formost flight Sim and the worlds most iconic helicopter seem to have fallen out of bed! I won't go on... as Eight Ball in his post above has covered most points. Come on ED, give BST a reminder that we are still here and that DCS has moved on!
  15. Hi... don't get on DCS much as I would like and mainly fly the HUey. I have not installed a mission for some time, I have d/loaded the mission file... could someone remind me please where/which folder I install the mission file?
  16. I have been having all sorts of problems with my usb WH and rudder pedals of late with the Huey... sometimes the flight control just dissapears after several minutes (and its not the EGT turbo failure)... also when I choose an instant action... it will sometimes work OK, but if you try to re-run the action after a crash... again there is no flight control. This is with the Open Beta... so obviously expect bugs; but hope they are sorting these USB flight control problems out?
  17. We seem to have had Alpha and or Beta versions of DCS it seems for ever... will there ever come a time when we will just run with the stable version? I appreciate the reasons why... Apha's and Beta's being test beds for such a complex bit of kit... just asking. :music_whistling:
  18. It's a shadow of the invisable alien craft from Area 51... OK, perhaps not...
  19. If you use iTrackR make sure you have centered iTrackR as the retical can lose center focus and hide to one side of the gun sight optic.
  20. Also, after switching the gunsight retical on with Rt/Ctrl/M and you have the gunsight 'dropped' for action, if you use iTrackR make sure you have centered itrackR, else the retical can lose center focus as it hides to the side of the viewing optic.
  21. Yup, as Kang said... make sure you have the use trim button engaged top of center consul... caught me out a few times!
  22. Very sad news indeed. DCS is a worthy lagacy. RIP Yes, something in DCS as an ongoing memorial; a splendid idea.
  23. Good to that... as I stated in previous thread I don't get on as much as I would like; so not totally up to speed.
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