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  1. Will we have to call you smallnewy soon? ;)
  2. I would suggest a framework that you can cover in Velcro and move the mfds to suit each aircraft. After a while you could put markers on the frame so you just move the mfds depending on the aircraft you are jumping into.
  3. The RAAF also do regular exchanges to the US, but only one or two at a time. At the moment it is a bit different as we also have many pilots training in the Growler and F-35.
  4. As far as I know the WW2 units are not yet fully compatible with the CA module.
  5. I agree, should be high on the priority list.
  6. Thanks again Prowler, progressing nicely.
  7. Long press/open in new window also works for viewing pictures, search etc......
  8. On android, long press on rep button and open in new window
  9. Sending a pm to Wags would be your best bet and thank you for the offer. I hope we can get much more realistic refuelling behaviour, both in the physics and comms departments.
  10. Nice to see the progress with the assets pack and of course the video is a top notch production once again.
  11. Very good news, especially for us single player WWII fans, thanks to all at ED for this work.
  12. Looking good, now we need a pacific theatre to fly her in.....
  13. For all these suggestions (which I think will be great in DCS) the first step is to get the detailed system and flight performance information. I am sure if you could get that information and approach the devs with it, you could get something happening.
  14. For some reason I really love to see unboxing pics and videos, and these don't disappoint.
  15. Thanks for the insight gos, let's hope they can keep a lid on those costs for all of us who are paying for it.
  16. I agree, both ways, AI 5th gen should be added and all AI should be upgraded to current standard, C-17 and SH-60, I'm looking at you.
  17. I don't know the answer to to this, but it seems like most of the risk is being passed on to the customer, ie. Lockmart stuff up something and it needs to be redesigned and refitted to the fleet and that cost is worn by the procuring governments even though it is the manufacturer that over promised and failed. I think the aircraft will be great once finished, but it does seem Lockmart are taking us for a ride and there is a negative incentive for them to make it right the first time. I have no knowledge wether this is true, it just seems like it from the uneducated outside.
  18. USMC KC-130 crashed in Mississippi https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/usmc-kc-130-crashes-in-mississippi-439200/
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