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  1. For me, high school would be a 40 pound drop. Not impossible, but definitely not a fun trip. I think my doc is over-cautious and caught me early not to advance to the point-of-no-return. Sorry about your brother. Best wishes.
  2. I fly the copters... Anything DCS does is OK with me. Currently DCS is the only game/sim I play.
  3. Back about 8th Grade I read the account of the top USA Korea ace Capt. Joseph M. McConnell . http://acepilots.com/korea_aces.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_C._McConnell Have not flown either jet in quite awhile. I need to find a compatible squad for old guys!
  4. I built a model of this rocket (not jet) powered aircraft when I was a kid. These things had a nasty habit of exploding upon landing with remaining volatile fuel still in their tanks. Sign me up. If I am still kicking upon release, I will purchase it.
  5. My phone is a flip-up. I am still in the stone age! Anything PC on-line is most likely tracked. And including phone use, non-PC. I used to know a NY State Police investigator. A search warrant is not necessary to gather intelligence, just necessary to present evidence into the courts. He was an active cop 30 years ago!! Figure somebody is looking over your shoulder... Sorry, I don't do Twitter, don't have an account. I will read what i can. Ever been into the record room in the old land-line based telephone company? Look into how the USA FBI does their thing. I am a USA citizen on a Russian owned forum server and make purchases out of Moscow. I figure Uncle has been looking at me for years. Bet on it, every move you make via your Internet company, archives it. Nothing is done in secret unless you encrypt each move.
  6. Opening up a can of worms... Civilians injured during combat infers judges, courts and insurance companies...
  7. Thanks for the links. I am 6 foot 3 at 210 pounds. Did take an excursion to 240 once and figure that number set me up. I was a distance runner for 30 years until medical issues I had to stop. Getting Type 2 diabetes was a total shock!
  8. I would gladly pay $20 per month fee for a high number slots dedicated server with lots of guys on. And still would pay additional bucks for the aircraft. These guys do it and have done it for years : http://www.hitechcreations.com
  9. __________________________________TEAM-KILL >>> AGAIN !! PO's me big time. Start out Gali in copter. Our supply vehicles are dead. Fly to Kobuleti to arm and refuel. Off to target area outside Kutasi. Red owned both on March 28th daytime ops. Just saw the only Blue guy on get popped by our SAMs. (I ALWAYS check the F10 map 1st to see who owns what before going out and about.) Before I even eject, I see the Red guy's username pop-up in Chat that he got kicked and no Blue guy gets credit for the kill. WTF ! Has to be a deliberate kill. I only fly mostly your server, but seems to be an issue on the 104th server. I rarely, if ever do a team-kill.
  10. With my Ka-50 on the 104th server, I go behind their lines, often. If you see my username in game, expect it. Got to fly low and stealthy. I start-out a back base. Don't fly predictable. Love popping aircraft as they takeoff!! LOL!! As to TS3 or SRS I find for my needs, both are useless. BTW---SRS >>> Red---GCI is 125.0 AM . Since 104th does not lock sides, guys switch for the intel and Blue guys do monitor Red guys radio chatter---I have witnessed it. What if a guy has 2 separate PC systems? What's to prevent playing both sides simultaneously ??
  11. I am age 66. My dad died at 63. I take it day by day and feel like sh_t usually. Age 63 I get epilepsy. WTF? A total surprise. What happened? How? Did a brain hemorrhage at age 50, my doc thinks it was from that. The brain thing should have killed me outright. Years of distance running, maybe why I survived. Got 7 damn diseases I am dealing with and the meds' side effects worse than the disease. I feel your pain. You are not alone. Why I do DCS is it keeps my mind from atrophy' ing. I try to do a mile or two walk every day and take 2 canes with me and cell phone in my pocket---in case a 911 shout out. I wear MedicAlert tags in case I go down. Keep plugging... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ You guys got an old fart's squad to join ??
  12. I am particular about developing friendships, I have a couple. FB for me is a stash for interesting stuff and bass guitar studies---saves. Great place to go read about metallurgy and machine shop groups and flight sim groups. What's the problem? Fake News to manipulate money deals, no doubt!!
  13. http://www.chromalloy.com https://www.google.com/search?q=chromalloy+orangeburg+ny&rlz=1C1BOHD_enUS487US526&oq=chromealloy&aqs=chrome.4.69i57j0l5.14913j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  14. Took me about 2 years to get pretty good in Ka-50. Other than the text stuff and YouTube videos, I am self taught. At age 66 she is more than enough for me. Switching back and forth between other copters or aircraft, coming back to Ka-50 I find I have to relearn stuff (usually within one day). Starting to see the negative memory issues. Huey and Mi-8 : Go visit Multi-Player 104th Phoenix, Blue Flag and DynamicDCS.com servers for hauling supplies and troops as to some interesting fun. Mi-8 and Huey are relatively easy after being with the Ka-50 as to less complicated systems to learn. Gazelle I have, but have not used it much so there are better qualified guys to ask as to how she performs.
  15. How does Steam work with DCS? Are my DCS purchased modules compatible with Steam? I have most of the entire inventory purchased direct from the DCS Store. What are advantages using Steam compared to flying Multiplayer via DCS 2.5 OpenBeta ?
  16. Once-in-awhile somebody will come along and announce his presence.
  17. Yes! +1 Been flying your server since I 1st joined up with DCS about 2011 with my other identity here. Keep it up and make it harder. Ka-50 missions used to be pretty much unique to copters only and rarely ever fighter jets even came close. I like your newer stuff. Keep it up. Only regret I have, wish your server could support a lot more guys! I flew Aces High out of Texas, USA before discovering DCS and we had LOTS of guys interactions. I still am on Windows 7 with a 2nd generation Intel CPU and a GTX 970 video card. I can still play your server fairly well.
  18. Ka-50 and Mi-8 work great at night! If it ain't night-time, I usually don't fly. There are green screen Shkval and NVG mods that were still working using this server, 2 weeks back when I last flew Shark.
  19. DCS-SRS I am always on and usually fly Red. I don't always talk. Sometimes I listen. I expect strictly professional, military type, helpful comms from others and no nonsense. And not listening to some guy eating his breakfast with his hot-mike on. There are not too many on comms that qualify my expected requirements.
  20. I too, just found this on YouTube. I did a search here, same url you have, DCS forums page (https://forums.eagle.ru/index.php) SEARCH tab dropdown at the top. No point in posting it twice. +1
  21. and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsp0kGrwXW4 I am curious, do we have any real, live, real-life fighter pilot guys current or former that fly/play DCS aircraft? Lot of guys here, I think, are former military and like me wannabe pilots but would never happen in a million years to me. I bet their stories of former escapades sure would be chillin' .
  22. I opened a crackers tin dated 1945 out on the rifle range in late 1970's. Tasted good to me... LOL!
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