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  1. Latest word I saw regarding manual delivery date is in following post: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2341817&postcount=29
  2. Very nice work on this manual. I appreciate the detail. Thanks.
  3. Yeah, I have same problem. If I start quick mission from the ramp start at Batumi or Kobuleti for example, I have no love from ground crew or tower. They don't put wheel chocks, electrical power, nothing. Basically, my crew is worthless. But, if I use mission editor, I can use Batumi or Kobuleti (haven't tested others yet) if I change value to "Red" for airbase from neutral or blue. Then crew is fine to help. I don't know how to switch quick start mission base to red though so can't help there. Not sure if this is same issue but I wanted to tell in case it helps.
  4. Chuck, you did a great job. Thanks!
  5. Great information on the RSI-6. I spent 3hrs last night unsuccessfully trying to get it to work. This will help get it running. Thanks very much for the detailed information!
  6. I really like the Mig-15 and think Belsimtek did a fantastic job. The plane looks and feels really good. I did the cold start and taxi a few times, and for me, since I have only concentrated on the FC3 aircraft (really, I only fly the Su-25), the relative simplicity of the older jet is really nice. Starting procedure in easy to remember after a few tries. Quickstart guide was pretty good to get going re basic procedures. Will like to learn more when more detailed guide is available. Taxi steering seemed hard at first, but with a little practice it started to be intuitive. Take off
  7. The series is great as are all the videos on your youtube channel. Thanks for posting!
  8. Thanks very much for the updates. Really looking good.
  9. Thanks for the info on the patch list. Love the Hawk and looking forward to the updates.
  10. Great Video! Wonderful work on this aircraft by the developers. I am enjoying the plane and look forward to its continued development.
  11. I am a satisfied owner of the Hawk and will continue to purchase VEAO products. Not only is the Hawk a nice effort, the VEAO guys seem very engaged with the customers and I really like that. I try to support all the DCS related products by buying everything whether I will fly them or not. I will continue to buy everything that VEAO and all others produce because I want this flight sim to succeed. Having said that, I don't like the Hawk cockpit and textures. In my opinion, I do not feel that it is quite up to the standards of some other modules in that regard. To me, the cockpit
  12. Thanks. I love hearing this kind of good questions and answers about the Mig 21.
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