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  1. Would like to send in a track file, but now DCS will not open, due to BS2 failure (hardware code issues).
  2. Hi all, don't know whether my question has already been issued before, but here it is. Since DCS world, my A10C flies much more "erratic" then previously as A10C standalone. First I thougth this had to do with DCS world being new. However, since DCS world is now upped to 1.2.1, this problem still occurs. In A10C standalone, flying the hog was kinda "natural": if I steered to a certain direction, the plane moved in almost exactly the route i was foreseeing it. But now with DCS world, if i steer to the left, the plane is eventually going to the left, but first is tries to go up or do
  3. Great to find out that my newby question led to some improvement on next upgrade! Tx Olgerd and others for digging that hard in this subject.
  4. TX Majapahit for running this all through...! I think i can cope with all suggested workarounds you mention. It is just ... that i am kind a manual-freak. If manual/tutorial state this, and implementation shows something else, then clearly at least one of them must be wrong. Seems atm that implementation at this point is incorrect. Anyway tx again.
  5. Adding some more info... The manual states on page 241 • TO TO - the commanded course is the great circle path from the designated From point, displayed on the CDU FROM Page, to the selected steerpoint. also on same page: In the DIRECT and TO TO steer modes, the course arrow on the HSI should be set to the course indicated on the ATTRIB Page, using the COURSE SET knob on the HSI, for a consistent HSI course deviation indicator, ADI bank steering bar, and CDU POS Page cross track deviation (CROSS TRK DEV) indications. (with "great circle path" is meant the arc over the earth surface
  6. Hi all, i am new to this forum and this is in fact my first thread. In the NAV training, at one point the narrator instructs the pilot to set the course knob to the bearing from WP3 (was previous set steerpoint) to WP4 (current steerpoint). But the narrator does not instruct HOW to get this heading (from the CDU). I have done some serious (at least my belief) searching of how this should be done. However I come to the conclusion that the CDU in all cases is presenting (at best) the bearing from CURRENT A10 position to the steerpoint (in contradiction to what the manual says). Now I ca
  7. Yep, here are a few images which may seem quite weird...
  8. Hello, I've been flying lomac for a year now and recently stumbled into the following: in some training missions, the map (when hitting F10) is upside down. In other missions 90 degrees tilted and in even other mission they are squeezed flat. Im sure the maps were first OK. Text is printed OK. In the case of upside down, the planes seem to fly backwards (in order to fly to the correct position). Does anyone have any idea how this could happen. Is there a file where the mapping is controlled? Or is this a hardware issue. I am using flaming cliffs with a 3 GHz PC and 1 GB memory. T
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