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  1. Hi. In my spanish DCS,LAlt+C is called Clickable cockpit mode, but the double click is not shown anywhere... indeed, no click is shown anywhere! Only mouse axels. Saludos. Saca111
  2. Wow yess! Hi, that's is a great finding! Always wanted a clear and easy lesson about altitud, QNE etc... Thanks a lot Saludos Saca111
  3. Hi. In the VSAAF, a few guys did this trick, with a ground unit broadcasting music with a filter so it sounded "old"; obviously, "Fortunate son", "paint in black" , Nancy Sinatra, CCR etc.. Awesome! Saludos. Saca111
  4. Hi. Definitively Bignewy got it! I did watch you r TRK saw that you r tadpole wasn't behaving properly, it stayed inside the VV. I then did try the mission, following your steps and I did not press ENT for LONG and LAT, having the same issue. Restarted again with a proper full alignement (pressing ENT for Long and Lat) and good. Don't forget, in fast alignement you don t need to introduce the coordinates, but on full alignement yes. Hope that helped. Saludos. Saca111
  5. Hi. Check this video from RedKite "the great", wordless... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9-8UCj66Ds&t=44s For the mission, set up a group of targets, somewhere, set a F14 with guided bombs + LANTIRN, set one of the waypoints over/very close to the targets. Enter plane, frompilot set "CREW CONTRACT" to RIO inactive nad then jump to RIO and drive the flight/attack following RedKite's instructions. Awsome! Saludos. Saca111
  6. Hola. Lo primero, felicitaciones y enhorabuenas a todos los participantes en el proyecto, gran trabajo! Lo segundo: igual lo hago mal, pero a mí no me pasa el Integrity Check. Cuando lo instalo, desde otro disco duro, me lo hace en C:\Users\Sacarino\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech, por defecto. Hasta aquí perfecto. Si entro en un servidor que requiera texturas puras, adiós muy buenas! Soy yo que lo hago mal?, o es el servidor... En fin, que gran trabajo y a triunfar. Saludos. Saca111
  7. Hi M4ND4LOR. I don t have the X56, just the X52PRO, but the logitech Profiler looks the same, so I think I m able to get the point. Could you send pictures of the actual F14 Profile, and the DCS assignement screen, as you did with th f18 one, so maybe I could find an issue in your flow, as my F14 module is not having any issue with the Profiler? I don't have many keys assigned, but the ones I have are SHIFT and ALT plus + and - , witch are odd sometimes for games to recognize them and I have no issue. Saludos. Saca111
  8. HI. I saw this issue not long ago, and cannot find the thread, but I think I rememeber that the OP did unisnstall/deletted the module an re installed it , and said it worked. Give it a try. Saludos. Saca111
  9. hi. Just one thought.... Is the ECM Jamming on? When ON, the radar stops emitting, ence no guidance whatsoever. Just thinking outloud. Saludos Saca111
  10. Hi. With naval planes, no problem. Other planes, depending on model or country can T/O or Land on dirt fields. The more modern, the least chance to do it. Trainers (C101) can land on mud fields. There was a Grim Reapers video on that subject, can t recall the exact name, but google it and you should get a better answer. Saludos. Saca111
  11. Hi. A far as I know, soviet machines mostly have an oposite turning direction than the occidental ones, no matter planes or hellos. you can see this if you fly the Huey and then the MI8.The direction of the tail rotor is a mistery to me.... Saludos. Saca111
  12. Hi. Last MP flights I had that kind of issue and cycling the launch bar to full extension of their travel did fix it. It is like if the kneel was partially engaged, not fully extended nor retracted, so completing the cycle did the trick for me. Saludos. Saca111
  13. Hi. You are right. The "test" is incorrectly assigned to "Norm"; from whatever psotion the selctor is, pressing the "Test" joy button assigned to "test" put the selector pn the "Norm" position. It is not that it does nothing, it is that it is headed toa wrong command. The test is really easy to check, so I don t think a video is necessary. Saludos. Saca111
  14. Hi. If the problem is "DCS brakes the mapping", can t you try to save the profile for EACH controller you have, and after "update breake" just select the intended controller, delete the mapping and load the saved one. To me it works after any "update breaking". Saludos. Saca111 P.S. 1 Don t forget to save every controller separatelly, with a specific name for it. 2 By the way, after saving the profiles, make a backup copy of them in a drive/cloud server.
  15. Hi. I don t have that particular joystick, but I think this link can give some kind of help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Z84mg16Efk . Btw, I checked in SWS and I had zero problem to assign a button of my X52Pro to skid. Maybe it is an issue with that particular joystick, can t tell... Saludos. Saca111
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