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  1. Wonderful. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to respond. You've made the issue much clearer to identify and respond to. Thank you
  2. Thank you so much for an excellent reply, Saber! I am still wondering what you are describing in regards to what the radar suppress. I interpret your explaination that the radar isn't "smart enough" to identify whether or not the aircraft beaming me is an aircraft or actually ground clutter, even though there is no background? In this video by "Jabbers" DCS World - Notching Tutorial - YouTube, he explains that beaming the intercepting airplane is not enough to enter the notchfilter. To enter a notching environment you also need a static background to hide in front of.
  3. Hello. I've been trying to understand how the radar in the F-14 works in regards to targets crossing in front of me at 90 degrees. The targets are at varying altitudes. I've been testing using a self made mission where I start at 33000 feet flying towards three targets 80nm out at 6000feet, 16000feet and 33000 feet. Finding them head on is no issue, however starting 90 degrees to their left or right will not pick up the targets on the radar. I fly as a pilot and "steer" Jester accordingly, but no luck in getting a targetmarker in the TID. A friend of mine has been flyin
  4. Roger. I wasn't aware that it worked differently than your other missions. Thank you for clarifying.
  5. 1. Thanks for your reply, Surrexen. I understand the priorities due to possible map-fix approaching. 2. There might be something I am missing regarding the spawning "problem", or maybe I was unclear. Firstly, it's not specific to anti-ship assets - just in case it seemed like it was only relevant for them. Today I was tasked with the main objective taking out an SA-8 in Latakia. I have no issues finding the target and/or inserting the assigned target coordinates. That information is very well present in the "target info" with both different coordinates format, name of location and grid-t
  6. Excellent. You have taken your previous mission a whole step further. I love the changes made! I have two requests, also: 1: Addition of the Tarawa with both the harrier and helo to launch from? 2: When launching a support mission I find it somewhat difficult to find the correct location for them to launch towards. I am not familiar with most of the target locations names and I have ended up launching anti-ship jets way inside dry land. I request either a Grid reference in the spawning menu for a general location to launch the support missions, or to add the location names referred t
  7. Another excellent mission Surrexen, thank you! Im having issues with aircraft taking off from Incirlik. I like that they taxi for takeoff, but it takes a while 'til they are airborne. Would it be possible for aircraft to stand on ramp close to active runway in hot-condition? When spawned support aircraft land at their original base, Im having sort of the same issue where they have to taxi for quite the distance. This translates to those units taking a while before being able to respawn for a different mission. I suspect both of these issues can be fixed by moving the starting ramp clo
  8. Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry, but I don't understand. Might be that I'm talking around myself and making me unclear, but I've had multiple different tries doing what I've mentioned in previous replies. I've tried two methods after the last bomb has been configured: 1: (Stay in MSN page) Undesignate TGP and press WPDSG to slave TGP to target area = Only the last - selected - bomb get the designated waypoint coordinates. All other bombs have the correct individual coordinates previously set. 2: Undesignate TGP, exit MSN page and then press WPDSG to slave TGP to target area =
  9. I believe that is what I have been doing. I am able to set target coordinates for the individual bomb, but when I'm done with the last bomb, I undesignate the TGP, exit the MSN-page and then I've pressed the waypoint designate button to slave the TGP to the target waypoint. Doing that overwrites all coordinates set to the individual bomb, not just the last bomb I configured. In other words: I am currently unable to slave the TGP to the targetpoint through the waypoint-designate function after coordinates are set in the individual bomb. It will reset the coordinates for all bombs.
  10. Hello. I've recently tried engaging targets using the TPOD with JDAMs. I've figured out how to do it with several JDAMS successfully hitting the target. However, if I want to quickly slew back to the target area (to evaluate my hits), I have to do so manually. If I don't do it manually, and use the "assign waypoint as target" function, I will end up overwriting all coordinates set for the JDAMs targets. Is there a way to avoid this issue to quickly reaquire the target area, or do I have to manually find the target area after assigning target coordinates for the JDAMs?
  11. The issue has been solved. I've recently purchased a D-Link Covr wifi system for my home. The extremely simple way of explaining is that the link system communicated on a different net than the actual supplier net. The Covr "changed" the IP settings to its own address, feeding my computer with a "wrong" IP address. The one I was supplied with was something like 192.168.100.XXX, while the actual supplier IP is 192.168.0.XXX The solution was to access the Covr IP-settings and find the actual internet supplier IP address which had 192.168.0.XXX, since the one that was fed into my computer w
  12. Hello. I am trying to open port 10308 via the Cisco router. In the "Application and gaming" section I keep getting an error when trying to port forward, saying "IP XXX.XXX.X.XXX is invalid". Anyone have any great ideas to make port forwarding possible?
  13. In OB 2.5.6 the RPM gov switch doesn't seem to work properly. Previously I've been able to increase and decrease engine RPM with one press on a selected switch on my Warthog HOTAS. In 2.5.6, when pressing the decrease switch, (looking at the RPM GOV switch on the collective in the sim) it seems to step down one step on the collective switch and stays there. Pressing again it repeats itself going down another step. If I increase RPM it does that same thing but only up to a certain point. It refuses to go up to the initial, "normal" RPM. In other words: Decreasing RPM makes it stay in dec
  14. I back up the AI-trashing-FPS theory. I'm currently playing the Snowfox/Clear Field missions. They are rather AI and script-intensive. I have no issues playing VR on Oculus rift S with 40 fps on 2.5.5. However on the newest OB it's basically unplayable as soon as there are more then a couple AI's in the air, instantly going down to 20FPS and staying there.
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