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  1. will-

    Easy mode AAR

    their is already a easy refuel ability in the game that was removed. pretty sure someone in these 13 pages would be smart enough to just drop a refuel plane in the mission editor that only refuels w/ the ez mode the game only had in ver 1.5 or so.
  2. he clearly states why, i guess u just missed it: However in the current Closed Beta JF-17's Radar is performing much better than ANY radar in DCS
  3. wow that is sad, i mean just as others have stated; if they were to make it, people would buy it.... The problem with DCS is still a lack of content. FC3 filled that gap for years after that the main headliners from ED are just the f18, f16. i understand that they have many projects and too many to list to consider the f15c with the team they have, but getting another dev team to develop the f15c would be a ez money maker. if your business is to make content for your platform, why wouldn't you want the f15c. only reason i can think of is you already have fc3 and f15e in the fut
  4. mind linking where you found this info?
  5. 4k is 3840x2160 but if you are using anything over 1080, then yes ur going to have a rough time spotting things.
  6. all of this customer feedback is invaluable and much why i love this game. definitely will be buying the f-15e as Razbam will improve the harrier even after it leaves EA like all of their other products.
  7. he is saying he should be able to use mods. sorry if this is incorrect. everytime the game updates, your mods will need to be updated also. sorry but having ed change for u just isn't the answer here.
  8. these post to me are very silly. just download the open beta and be done w/ it. no reason to have 4 versions of the game... do you guys play other games and when a update comes out you have multipole copies as well?
  9. you can shoot a 120 and it will find a target on its own.
  10. Take off vsync and try using full screen vs windowed. If your using 4K I’d suggest getting a monitor with gsync.
  11. Would be carful using a game pad as the joystick will overwrite your hotas joystick x,y
  12. will-

    DCS G-Model

    I think if we are talking realistic vs dcs I think ur cherry picking just talking about g/blackout. What about head movements or control movement. Just seems strange u think just bc u blackout so easy dcs is wrong. It’s wrong on so many other g aspects as well.
  13. Thx for the explanation. Would this have to do with increased polygon counts they are referring to? Sorry for all the q’s
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