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  1. I've just tried AirLink at 90Mhz and Virtual Desktop at 120Mhz in a quick Free Flight mission in F16. I don't see myself going back to wired Link, though I would really like to test how long battery lasts in a longer missions with either of these options. Strangely enough, I had no keyboard problems in AirLink, but ran into some issue in Virtual Desktop - keyboard presses did not register at all at first, but started working a few minutes into the flight. Go figure...
  2. Ahh yes, sorry I was looking at the menus - I thought it would work like the VR mod previously and would render mask everywhere...
  3. How did you enable the mask? At least by default, I don't have one enabled and get the whole right/left eye render.
  4. I've owned Rift S since it came out and just this weekend bought Quest 2 to see how it stands up to Rift S and if it's worth upgrading. Picture quality and screen door effect - Quest 2 wins hands down. I'm on a somewhat older machine this day (16GB RAM and 1080ti) and performance between two is compatible when I set Quest 2 to 90Mhz. This is through third party 'Link' cable, I have not tried Virtual Desktop yet. I have ASW locked at 30Mhz and the only time I see fps drop is when I'm on a large airfield with a lot of ground units or flying over large cities at very low level - but I had the same problem with Rift S so it's a moot point... As far as DCS goes, I simply fail to see any reason to go with Rift S over Quest 2. In my racing sims, I still need a bit of tweaking for a final decision - the most obvious problem for me is that all objects in the distance are somewhat fuzzy (for example road in front of me is sharp, but a tower over the same road in a bit of a distance is noticeably fuzzy/blurry) and I can't figure out how to fix that. It's a bit annoying given that picture otherwise is better that what I get with Rift S. As it stands at this moment, I will probably go ahead and sell my Rift S in the next week or so. I've been really impressed so far with Quest 2 and personally think it's a much bigger jump for me then what I had when I went from CV1 to Rift S... G2 is probably better, but it's twice the price and my system probably won't be able to handle it as good as Quest 2... P.S. Probably worth noting here, with Rift S the whole screen is evenly sharp, but with Quest 2 I found that center is sharp, but things get blurry towards the edges. Perhaps a smaller sweet spot. I really need to experiment more and probably get alternative face shields to see if I can fix it. It was really bothering me the first time I put the headset on, but I got used to this in about an hour/two and no longer notice it all that much.
  5. Just a quick heads up if anyone gets into the same problem... Virpil Support rescued the day for me - in Configurator tool settings (CTRL + F12) I had to enable 'Show Developer information (SetPCB)' option. This enabled manual selection of the base's PCB via a dropdown near the bottom edge of the app window. Once proper PCB was selected, everything started working.
  6. So there seems to be a lot of 'first look' videos on YouTube, but I don't think I've seen any comprehensive reviews on either Libra or the new Orion. Are they worth the price? How's the feel of the movement, adjustability? How do these stack up against Virpil's Mongoost/Warbird?
  7. Yes, I only have Virpil's T50 base and grip. I've actually tried flashing on my other computer too where this would be the only joystick to be connected at all...
  8. Thanks a lot for the heads up - sure was worth a try. Sadly, same result as before.
  9. Thanks a lot, I actually stumbled across this page yesterday. Unfortunately resetting my firmware by shortening the pins did not resolve my problem. It looks like joystick flashes and updates firmware just fine via either VPC software or by first removing existing firmware via shortening pins as described in the link - I can see name update based on the firmware version in VPC software.
  10. Just wondering if anyone came across similar issue. I've decided to check VPC software out and sure enough, I needed to flash joystick's firmware - firmware failed on the last step (after flashing the software and auto-rebooting joystcik) with an 'ERROR. Device PCB' message. Sadly, now joystick is no longer listed in Windows 'USB game controller' so I cant use it. VPC Configuration Tool however still sees it, however when trying to re-flash firmware I still get the same error with the same results. I've tried clicking on 'restore factory defaults' in the firmware updater, but it throws the error as well...
  11. Would you mind sharing your kneeboard?
  12. Yes, I've deleted the whole DCS.openbeta\Config\Input\FW-190A8 folder before reinstalling the module. I did not try changing controls after the reinstall, so I don't even have this folder anymore...
  13. Controls are messed up For some reason all of my controls are messed up - there are a lot of duplicate entries: Also, my stick section appears to be all mixed up and looks different than what other users have (there is a thread in the main forums with screenshot): I've tried running DCS repair, as well as deactivating module and installing it from scratch, but still having this problem. Is there a specific file that I should perhaps try deleting? Thank You!
  14. I don't have 'a' or 'b1' options under stick category: Am I missing something?
  15. Can you tell me the names of your assignments and what they do? I already tried all possible options under 'Stick' menu (except of 'MG131 fire' which cannot be used on my end at all) and can't get wing cannon to fire. MG131/151 controls cowl gun only. Thanks!
  16. Neither 'Input.FW190A8.trigger_b2' or 'Input.FW190A8.trigger_t' do anything on my end when I assign joystick buttons or even try keyboard shortcuts. Also 'MG131 fire' cannot be assigned to anything. Anyone else with this problem?
  17. I still don't get it. Input.FW190A8.safety - works as gun safety (appears to be bugged as you can fire cowl guns no matter which position it is) Input.FW190A8.trigger_b2 - does not do anything Input.FW190A8.trigger_t - does not do anything MG131 - does not do anything (and appears grayed out for keyboard and joystick bindings) MG131/151 - operates cowl guns Weapon release - did not test Am I missing something?
  18. I ended up fixing my problem by reinstalling DCS from scratch. Not sure if it will be of much help to others... My original installation was very old - 1.5, if not older and was moved from one SDD to another over the years, so I suspected something was conflicting in the game. On the plus side, DCS appears to run faster now too (though perhaps I now have lower settings than I used to).
  19. Hello, Has anyone experienced a problem with Rift S jumping off center every few minutes or so. This does not seem to be a head tracking issue, the best way to describe this as if someone pressed center reset button - it always resets to the same position. Thanks!
  20. Did anyone experience a problem with view resetting/jumping off-center every few minutes with Rift S?
  21. As a food for thought, check out the missions in the link below: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3579770&postcount=50 You guys might be grabbing audio from the same source too. No need for AI planes, just a trigger message when arriving at Marshall stack advising you when to push and your altitude. Time check message was a really nice touch too adding to the realism. Perhaps even adding some extra voice recordings along the way 'simulating' trappings by other fliers... P.S. about subsequent trappings... I downloaded CV NAATOPS to see what it says there and looks like for bolsters, you are to climb to 1,200 feet and extend to 10miles out before turning back. This again could be spiced up with some audio recordings asking you to go back to Marshal stack...
  22. I think you should mention in briefing that Tarawa is in the carrier group. It lights up similar to Stennis and it was rather confusing to find another ship with a light up landing strip with just a few miles to go... I kept thinking I messed something up until Stennis finally showed up. Marshall stack without any additional messages is useless IMO. I proceeded to fly straight to the carrier as there are no other planes. Perhaps adding AI planes and/or having some scripted messages/comms would work better? I'm also not sure on the procedure of what to do after the landing; adding description on what to do would be helpful - it's probably somewhere in NATOPS manual, but I don't have one so I did not know if I should fly back to Marshall stack and proceed back to carrier from there or if there is some kind of alternative pattern. Good mission nonetheless. P.S. Is there a flashlight or some other source of light in Hornet, prior to starting right engine and turning on flood lights? Even knowing where the right switches are, it's hard to locate them in total darkness (at least that's what it is in VR).
  23. Sorry, just got around to flying your mission again. Boxes are indeed there, but in VR I had to zoom and really look for them; practically invisible...
  24. Not sure why, but in your night fog case 3 recovery mission there is something wrong with HSI page. When turning on TACAN and trying to select it on DDI with button, it won't put a box around TACAN. It still works as distance to TACAN starts to display on HUD, but then when plotting course - bearing line would not display on HUD heading tape. Also, a somewhat similar problem with ICLS - pressing on the DDI button does not put a box around it, so you are stuck flying and hoping that it worked (which it did).
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