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  1. Dcs failed to startup and I defragged my drive and got a start but lost my Viper. Any suggestions...I put a support ticket in. REgards Noboru Win 10 64x, i7-3770 nvidia 2080ti, 32 gb ram
  2. My hotas is a Thrustmaster cougar, Realsim. force feedback upgrade, the trigger will not fire guns in the F-14. Seem to be bound to space bar and nothing else. Its the only aircraft that does this. Some binding issue perhaps!? Sincerely Bud win 10 64bit 32gigs ram ddr, amd 8gigs hotas warthog, cougar, crosswinds
  3. Same here failed metashader! Tried repair too and clean up. Bud win 10 64x, i7 intel, 32gig ram, 8gb r9 390 realsim FSSB R2, MFG Crosswind, HOTAS wartHog, Microsoft Mixed Reality.
  4. Hello All I figured it out to the above problem. Sincerely Bud
  5. Hello Need a little help, thanks for responding. Followed all steps for ground attack ccrp mode, and no ground targeting designator. [/b]Turn radar on, radio altimeter, selected weapon Bl1 and in TAS. S and P lights on. Sincerely Bud Running Win 10 x64, quad cord 965 black ed. Radeon nitro r9 390, 16gigs.ram. Samsung ssd, Realsimulator force sensor stick r2, Hotas warthog, MFG crosswind rudder.
  6. Same frustration here, every time you change view..... read write, read write, lag after lag......! Problem after problem excuse after excuse............! Planes don't fly right, system don't work but its a beta, beta after beta, more time spent looking at broken crap then actually flying and enjoying the game. Here's your monies worth sucker......! This stuff cost hundreds of dollars too. $60.00 bucks for something that's broken, excuse me beta, its been beta for 8months and counting...... I know I don't have to play this game so please. Noboru win 10 64, amd 965 phenom Black 3.4, 12g ddr, Samsung ssd, eye infinity lg 42s
  7. After the last upgrade back in April I believe 1.15 not sure but the Mig 15bis got installed on my computer through them not me. Every time I ran a mission like instant action It would ask me to reactivate it. I just would exit and Play, my mission. When I went to try Mig 21bis it would start in Map mode and stay in map mode with no way out. I could not enter the cockpit for any mission. Any help would deeply be appreciated, Support...I've tried three suggestions already with them with no results. Everything ran great before and now I am very disappointed. regards Bud:helpsmilie:
  8. Bud

    32 or 64

    Microsoft Windows seven (7) 64bit. regards Bud
  9. I use Simped Rudder Pedals F-16, they have hal sensors, and toe brakes. They have work flawless... made in Germany. Bud Win 7 64bit, Amd Phenom II 965 Black Ed..Ati 5870, tri Lg 22s mon. Hotas cougar with RealSimulator force sensor stick base R2 and Simped Rudder F16s
  10. My ASL Line (azimuth line) does not show up after all that? Regards Bud
  11. Bud

    patch 5

    I didn't know that, I've been very busy...I'll download the final release and apply this patch. It just seems that nothing is labelled in the download areas. But, Thank You so much for the Help! Regards Bud
  12. It ask me for patch 5,where can I get patch 5 ? regards Bud
  13. Bud

    patch 5

    The version that I have does that sound right?1 I have posted a question as to where patch 5 was never got an answer. The Patches are never labeled. does ask me for patch 5. Regards Bud
  14. Bud

    patch 5

    Where can I download patch 5 ? regards Bud
  15. I'm having a hard time following this. There is no information as to what version. The offical news says that final version is released ? Where is it? I go to software download and there is nothing indicating what version it is. The version that I have or version Beta 4. AND YES I HAVE PREPAIED regards Bud
  16. Bud


    Thanks Regards Bud
  17. Can someone tell me what version the patches will bring you up too. I am at version 1.1.0 I just purchased it maybe two weeks ago. Do I need to patch ? Regards Bud Win7 64bit, Amd Phenom II 965 Quad, ATI 5870.
  18. Bud


    Those darn Aliens again, doin experiments on our boys... Bud
  19. Where I live, its .59 a sheet. Bud
  20. I use Win 7 64bit, Amd Pheonom II Black ED. x4 965, 4gigs 1600mhz ddr3, ATI 5870 Tri LG 22 in. Monitors. Hotas cougar Realsimulator Force Sensor Stick BAse II and Simped Rudders. Regard Bud
  21. Unable to purchase The product is in my cart, keeps asking me to log in, of which I have done. Can you help ? Bud
  22. Thank you mates, but today I witnessed on my tws in a mig29 a triangle shoot down a circle (friendly). I then engaged the triangle (enemy) so i thought), shot him down in bore sight mode and was given a negative 100 points. Is this a Bug ? regards Noboru
  23. Hi Having a bit of a problem mates with friend or foe. Can anyone direct me to a link that best explains this. Both radar and thermal Jolly good ole boy. The other night I was flying and fighting for me life. A radar guided missles was fired at me, turn off my radar went thermal dove for the ground poped_ up and my teammate come flyin into me view and I thought he was the man. Well I let him have it...Boy did they scream bloody murder!!! Oh, did I mention not just once but several times....:horseback regards Noboru
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