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  1. Did you do a cold start, or did you already start in the air?
  2. SNIPER got replaced with the LITENING on the list. Plus JSOW back on the list. This whole things getting confusing. I know the list is subject to change, but man it hard to keep track of.
  3. Here you go, sorry if the commentary is alittle wonky. I recorded last minute at 5 o'clock.
  4. Is your volume control turned up all the way. I was having the same issue with the tanker. Bumped the volumes up all the way. Instantly got a reply back when requested. Seem like they might have changed it this latest update. Not sure though.
  5. Yeah in the top pic I did mix and match. Was trying to find the issue. But even with the same weapons on both side. Still have the issue and its only with the 2x bomb. 3x works fine the --- line is replaced with the weapon code. Here's a better screeny showing the issue. Only thing loaded is 2x Mk20 on each wing and the gun pod.
  6. Can't use the 2x Mk82, 2x GBU12, and 2x MK20 Rockeyes. When installed on the plane the storage manager show 2--. The only 2x bomb working are the mk82 Snakeyes and AIR.
  7. Right click on the test switch next to the warning panel. That how you reset the MC light.
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