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  1. I am experiencing the same problem as you are. I also get the same message from ESET. I am sure if it exists for us it also exists for others IMO. I agree we should not have to "exclude" any file we paid for especially since I've been using ESET for years and DCS from 2012 without any issues until now and only in the I-16 aircraft which gets flagged. That being said you can "uncheck" the I-16 to uninstall it restart DCS and the beta should update. Again I don't want to disable an aircraft I paid for and I am sure there are others who are or will be experiencing the same issue.
  2. Really? is that what I said or is that what you want to interpret? Seems very lame response. Anything within for example, DCS that is part of a large download can inadvertently be "flagged" as a potential threat. I am saying I hope it is fixed in either DCS or ESET's next update.
  3. What I am saying is my friends and I have owned ESET for almost 20 yrs. It has almost never excluded a file like the aircraft I-16 in DCS EVER. That's a fact. Since the evidence seems to point to the latest beta build I'd say it may be the developers fault and not ESET. Hopefully the problem will be solved and it'll fix itself in the next patch either through ESET or DCS's updates.
  4. You shouldn't have to exclude any DCS folder from the leading Anti-Virus programs especially if they have worked without issues for years. If it suddenly happened after the new beta build it's probably the build that's causing the problem.
  5. What was better was two separate buttons one for guns and one for rockets not one for both. This option no longer is there it's the same button when guns or rockets are selected.
  6. Fire weapon command is gone after last update. Release button now fires rockets and or gun. I looked for the previously found "FIre Weapon" command but it is not there anymore.
  7. I read references to a "sim" choice in the pull down menu for controller options but I don't see it anywhere. Guessing was replaced with some other choices?
  8. Bought couldn't resist the discount a product that looks this good at this price from DCS...done.
  9. Worth every penny spent and I have no buyer remorse. Just wish there were more Campaigns for some of the aircraft. Thank You.
  10. It was stated by a different member to delete the aircraft requesting a serial number and those same aircraft will still be there (part of Flaming Cliffs).
  11. I had to "reset" my graphic settings to "High" from where they were and they were actually almost exact to the DCS "High" setting. Now much better (sort of a graphic reboot). I still get that annoying pop up asking for serial numbers for the aircraft I already own in Flaming Cliffs. Hope that gets sorted out.
  12. Huge FPS drop in this patch went from 60fps to 20fps and all is working on my end. Alot of comments on this latest patch and it's not favorable. Hope they straighten it out.
  13. What is going on with DCS prior to this recent beta patch I went from 55-60 fps to 20fps. No it's not my computer eveyone of my other programs funtion as normal.
  14. Why does this update ask everytime I restart DCS to enter serial numbers to bind or to skip the aircraft I already own from purchasing Flaming Cliffs? It's never asked that before.
  15. Not fixed same 502 error and it's asking for serial numbers for all my aircraft which is an immediate see you later.
  16. I've been playing for years never a problem with DCS updating until recently. With the most recent update as of today the update is all of a sudden asking for my serial numbers to verify. I have alot of aircraft/scenery and this is way inconvenient and annoying. There have been other downloading issues also this month that had never existed before.Before for years it was smooth sailing until recently. It discourages me from playing until it's fixed.
  17. After 8 yrs of DCS with the same Anti-Virus company I have an issue? Really to put it mildly. Someone screwed up big time.
  18. Terrible dl speed I have great internet connection speed and it took 16hr to dl DCS with most modules owned. Totally unacceptable it was like being back in the days of dial up.
  19. DCS worked great for years now suddenly after the "free download" of modules it caused all kinds of problems on my antivirus and in DCS. I won't disable my antivirus for hours either (don't know if that will fix it either)DCS needs to fix their stuff or refund customers.
  20. Even if it is the antivirus which I've had same one for 10 yrs and DCS almost as long with no problems until today. I will not disable my antivirus for several hours required for DCS download to complete. I will contact DCS as not a happy customer.
  21. I experienced the "disappearing modules" also not cool. Please fix it.
  22. Like the title says years of no problem until the recent "free for all" download. Now I have all the modules and terrains for DCS paid for and I can't get past the glitches caused by the new patch or whatever you call the freebe patch. Not cool.
  23. After reinstalling all of DCS still have the exact same message that I mentioned in my original post ( I do not have the Steam Version)
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