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  1. Historical Fidelity- The fact that a weapon was never used in anger should not preclude its inclusion. There are instances of weapons never used in combat that are in DCS already which effectively nullifies that argument. My position remains that if it was in service, actively trained to by its crews and has enough information to be modeled it should be included. As far as the scope of DCS is concerned the tactical weapons being proposed for inclusion fit well with the size of the maps and add to the variety of mission sets, both offensive and defensive, within DCS. The political side, if it i
  2. It's hard to beat a logical argument and you put forth a valid position for the inclusion of nukes. When individuals against the idea are arguing from an emotional position which, judging by his previous posts seems to be the case here, their only recourse for the lack of any effective counter argument is retreat. People fear what they do not understand. The argument against does not stand when it is fueled by an individuals irrational fears. It is not really worth debating against emotional responses. This case is especially absurd because we are not even talking about real life, but a game w
  3. In the book "Gunship Ace" there are instances where the Hind was indeed used to deliver supplies. It's a good read if you are interested in helicopters. Gunship Ace: The Wars of Neall Ellis, Helicopter Pilot and Mercenary: Venter, Al J: 0884489134650: Amazon.com: Books
  4. +1 on this. It's inconvenient to have to open up single player or the ME just to save a preferred loadout you want to use all the time.
  5. Excluding everything known to be in progress or soon to be released from ED or third parties. 2000+ B-1B Lancer Block E MV-22B Osprey HH-60H 1991-1999 F-14D Super Tomcat MH-53J/M Super Jolly Green CH-53E Super Stallion MC-130H Combat Talon II 1965-1990 F-111A,E,F Aardvark F-4D, E, E DMAS/ARN-101, G, J, S and RF-4C F-105D, G F-100D A-4F, M and OA-4M Skyhawk OV-10A, D Bronco E-2C Hawkeye KC-10A Extender C-130H Hercules Su-17M-4 Fitter K MiG-27K Flogger J-2 AH-1E, F
  6. F-4E DMAS/ARN-101, F-4G Wild Weasel V, F-4J, F-4S... and a RF-4C.
  7. C-130 would be an instant buy for me. The C-130H of C-130J would be fun to perform missions in with basic trash hauling or to drop paratroopers and deliver equipment (think HMMWV's, APC's, Trucks or even a OH-58D) to capture airfields or other other important targets like bridges, road junctures, tunnels or towns. While the vanilla H/J models would be nice to have, what I really want is an MC-130H Combat Talon II. In addition to the missions the standard C-130's perform, with the MC-130H we could do low level night time flying, Special Forces Infiltration/Exfiltration for deep reconnaissance,
  8. BUNO's are assigned to individual airframes so the Navy and Marines can keep track of that individual airframe over its lifetime. Think of the BUNO as a serial number. MODEX's are not airframe specific as they are assigned by the type wing or squadron.
  9. Yes on multiple variants. Pricing... not really an issue for me as long as they are similar to other full fidelity modules. There are significant differences between many of the variants. There are certain types where the airframes and systems and flight dynamics are very similar like the F-4B/C and F-4E/F. I'm not really that interested in the B/C/F airframes although I would probably get them anyway. I'll take an F-4D, F-4E, F-4E DMAS/ARN-101, F-4G Wild Weasel, F-4J and F-4S. Oh, and if they get the mechanics for ISR gameplay sorted out out then the RF-4B/C as well.
  10. Looks like it belongs to an M2 20mm autocannon. The M2 was used in WWII, notably on the F4U-1C Corsair, B-29 Superfortress, P-38 Lightning and A-1 Skyraider.
  11. Thats what she said... You should see it drop its load.
  12. With today's announcement of the full fidelity A-6E from Heatblur a few more of boxes are ticked for tech needed for the Vark! Hopefully one day...
  13. I agree that there is a lot missing from the current implementation of ground forces in DCS. The missing vehicles and personnel are really the low hanging fruit though. Command and control for ground units isn't really a thing in the DCS environment. Also missing is any kind of implementation of suppression from units under attack. The AI is all seeing, all knowing and fearless in its current state. It needs a lot of improvement. One of the main problems DCS has is that once a mission has been played three or four times, everyone knows exactly where all the units are placed and it is not reall
  14. Nice photos Bob! I've been to Nellis a bunch of times but it looks so different in these photos without all the city encroachment. You can definitely tell it is Nellis though. Nice to see photos of the early non-slatted F-4E's. They weren't around too long before being modified with slats.
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