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  1. With toe brakes I just use a button on my throttle to use both breaks, I know with ww2 planes it could be an issue I think doing that? I think all new kit would be usb. The pedals are smaller then I thought they would be but this great for anyone with a normal desk or other stuff under the desk. I have one of the metal folding piano stands and the rudder fits under this with lots of room to use a plastic dust cover if needed.
  2. Pedals arrived and I managed to skip UK vat and duty tax lol. They look and feel very strong, thanks everyone glad I got them now then plastic ones.
  3. Yeah I don't mind using a button on my CH throttle for the brake.
  4. I don't have any rudder pedals at the moment and I am using CH hotas so I have rudder axis on the mini stick. This makes flying helicopters and plane ground movement not great. I was looking into the cheaper options and seen pro flight rudder pedals I had some years ago and they was pretty good for over £100 But now with VKB set for around £160 plus maybe £30 duty tax from Netherlands to UK, without brakes axis but looks full metal.
  5. Thanks everyone I went with the F18 in the end as my mate has it already, I will get the f16 next once I get better at the basics and f16 has more updates. I would got the f16 if it was more finished but I can hold off a little while as I learn. Thanks.
  6. HI all I just got the f18 and I was surprised the two top mfds was already in the correct positions? I think it used the config from a10c? With the botton MFD that in colour can I swap it for instead the left or right MFD to exported instead? Thanks for any help
  7. Sorry I forgot to say I have the flaming cliffs bundle but never really used them much because I don't know if there used much online and none toggle cockpits.
  8. I already have the A10cII, viggen and Huey so I can do lot of ground attacks. But I really want to try my hand at air to air offline and online later when I get more experience. I was looking at the mirage but I was told it has limited range say Vs f14,16 and 18. So I guess I need to a more modern fighter to play online with? Leaning towards f18 or f16
  9. Thanks I will take another look then at the other planes then, I am a newbie at air to air so don't want to make it harder on myself lol.
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