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  1. And can we use Syria modern(ish) hangars instead of Caucasus Minecraft ones ?
  2. This is, what I've been looking for! Thanks Lads S!
  3. Perhaps They are not so much into it anymore
  4. Finally! Hope they will be sync over MP Can't wait!
  5. Looks like server-side bug/feature
  6. Hi, I've just checked some post due to your issue and you might be interested in reading this, just join the conversation. If you won't find any help there, please come back here. Anyway let me know how it went
  7. Looks like we are trying to achieve some functionality on unfinished product... Apart from A2A capability and some Harm modes, Viper is naked like Adam and Eve I will stay with Hog until Viper gets out from alpha stage (if).
  8. I've noticed SS set to 170% will get you much better results than rising the MSAA to 2x. Still waiting for my Asus TUF OC RTX 3080 though.
  9. While SOI on WPN Page, TMS Down short will solve the problem
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