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  1. we´ll I´m willing to spend like 170$ maximum, so should I go for the ATI x1600 or just 1gig extra memory?
  2. Hi, was just wondering wich is the best way to increase FPS on FC? most of the time I´m really happy with the FPS, but the moment I touchdown at the airport my FPS lowers........so I´m thinking on how to improve FPS and perhaps by 1Gb extra memory, would that really help? I have my settings on medium... my specs: 2.8 Ghz pentium X600 ATI HM 256mb 1024 mb ddr2 400mhz
  3. Hi, I can´t find where to download the latest drivers for my ATI radeon x600 HM 256mb card on ATI´s site....anyone who knows?? thanks
  4. I´m interested in getting higher FPS so what would you recomend, more RAM or new graphic card? I currently have 1024mb DDR and 256mb ATI x600 thanks
  5. I want to complete the FC traing, but for some of the missions it stands that they don´t work on 1.12a but that I should play them with the original 1.1 version, so do I have to reinstall FC, just to play some of the training missions? Thanks
  6. Thanks guys! the lock on community is really more helpful then most other game communities.....but by the way, why is it trying to "call home"? thanks
  7. Just installed flaming cliffs and the 1.12a patch, when I enter the main screen and push one of the side buttons (FBP, mission editor, trng etc) the screen freezes, then I get a question from Norton antivirus if I want to allow lockon to acces some dns server. I give lockon permission and the nothing happens, the game is kept frozen...........any ideas to what to do? Thanks
  8. was just wondering how starforce works in the cd version? Can I still burn other cd´s? I have a SATA hard drive, will there be problems?
  9. Ok, just ordered FC, so it´ll come in the next few days. Just praying that it´ll work out. ANd oh...should I do backup files of only FC/Lomac or the entire computer?
  10. Hi I´m seriosly thinking of bying Flaming cliffs the CD version, however I keep reading about people who´s run into major problems due to starforce....so my question is, should I buy it? and do I need to worry about starforce?
  11. You mean tank killers?....but I thoght that the su-25T wouldn´t be implemented, only the lamer su-25:P ....
  12. Yeah, I know about Falcon.....but it´s the su 25T I wanna fly :cry:.......
  13. Ok, I´m new to these forums but was wondering something.....I really enjoy lockon and flaming cliffs, but I always tend to wish you could use all the switches, gauges and buttons in the cockpit, to fully take advantage of the aircrafts potential. As of now, it´s fun to play but sometimes you really feel flying the aircrafts could be more challenging by implementing all or as many functions as possible, even thoose that may seem a unecessary. So basically what´s the obstacles of making a high fidelity sim out of say the su-25T? (And I´m not saying that it´s arcadish)
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