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  1. Hey guys so I have an extra old PC I'm looking to get some upgrades for to make it a dedicated server. One I fly on now has some lag from the Tomcats so id like to add some upgrades that can handle a lot without breaking my bank. Im not very computer savvy so Im open to all suggestions. He's what my old PC has: i7-2600K CPU @3.4GHz (is this good enough) 8GB RAM. (should I do 2x16GB or 2x32GB) Intel HD Graphics 3000 1.6GB (Told I don't need graphics for a server) also not sure what my power supply is on it now but could that become an issue? Com
  2. It would be great and relatively easy to create a map of just a small piece of coastline, preferably NAS Oceana and hundreds of miles each direction of ocean. Being an easy map should make it quick and cheap as well as: - Good for simming home base for F/A-18C and F-14 squadrons. - flying out to the boat.....leaving for deployment. - enough ocean for blue water ops - enough oceans for naval fleet battles
  3. Just curious if anyone has a blank template or layout of some sort in PDF form to write in your own profiles. If I haven’t flown in awhile or fly different aircraft I sometimes forget my HOTAS mapping, it would be nice to have some sheets for reference without having to go the the in game control adjustment. cheers
  4. Ah, that makes sense, I didn’t think about the space that some might not want to use. The user file library is awesome though!
  5. +1 should be an included feature not one requiring a script or workaround....some of us aren’t that tech savvy.
  6. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, that’s why. I’m not sure that new ATC has anything to do with Callsign availability in ME. And it seems ED is finally listening, the A-10 added Tusk, Hog, Boar call signs. Now they need to do it for the rest of the aircraft
  7. This....I don’t think it’s about livery availability I think it’s about more options in vanilla, which should fix the MP part. ED doesn’t even need to do the work, find the high quality user ones, contact the maker for permission, and do their magic to include them in the next update.
  8. Just wondering out loud in case an insider has some insight.... Why is Virpil doing a UH-60 collective? Do they know something we don't about an upcoming module? Both the Kiowa and Apache are coming soon, seems like the obvious choice would be to bring one of those collectives to market, not one that the most popular combat sim doesn't have a module for. So DCS, make a MH-60 module. Virpil, make OH-58 and AH-64 collective options. Everyone's happy!
  9. P-3 KC-10 EA-6B.....how are you going to have SC and not even offer a full air wing of aircraft options.
  10. JFO82

    Field IFLOLS

    +1 This should be very easy for ED to make an IFLOLS trailer.....they have the mobile Tacan thing, this should be doable.
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