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  1. Currently this runs only on Windows OS. Plans are to publish also Android and iOS versions in the future!
  2. I have written a small Python program that can display a moveable and zoomable aviation map of the current DCS World theater with the ownship position and position of all other units/players on a local screen or network computer or tablet: It can be used by pilots for navigation ('where am I?') and increased situational awareness ('where is everybody else?'), or by ATC/AWACS players as a radar screen. More info and download on my website: https://bergisons.simpit.info/dcs_movingmap Feedback and bug reporting is highly apprechiated. Enjoy!
  3. I have already wrote to ED about this, but no reply since weeks. Would be so useful to have a native possibillity for undockable 2D windows, also in VR!
  4. I'd also love to have that! Like you, I've been trying pretty much everything to get MFDs to export under VR. Had a ticket open with the DEV team at ED but no solution/reply so far...
  5. So here's a little update on this project. Although I don't have "the breaking news" unfortunately. All involved companies which were interested in a production partnership either cancelled their intentions (some are struggling with economic losses due to the COVID pandemic, some moved on to other projects), or turned out to be way too expensive for a commercial audience (think +10.000 € per unit). But there still is some progress: we teamed up with a company in Germany offering flight simulator rides to the general public. They built a Motion Integrated G-Seat prototype to our specifi
  6. Thanks for all your nice comments! Here's a little update on the project: Unfortunately the mentioned company is not making progress in a reasonable timeframe. So me and my business partner are now evaluating means of launching the seat ourselves! We already found a promising company for production and assembly in close proximity to where I live and are now searching for and reaching out to possible investors to get this going. If you want to help, please spread the word (e.g. in other sim forums) to reach a larger audience. There is a new, 2 minute teaser of the seat for y
  7. Any idea where to find this information for the F-18C? In its mainpanel_init there are only arguments for left and right throttle position (e.g. LeftThrottle.arg_number = 104), but not for engine RPM. Any help with this would be greatly apprechiated. I need the Hornet engine RPM for refining the bass-shaker output on the Motion Integrated G-Seat. Already wrote to ED regarding this but received no reply.
  8. Hello everybody! A little over a year since the introduction of the Motion Integrated G-Seat, me and a partner now teamed up with a US based company which is building a prototype for commercialization. Altough this company is eager to bring the seat to market, it is still too early to say when it will finally be available, in which versions (flight, race, DIY parts) and how much each is going to cost. My estimate (and hope) is that we are going to see something within this year. To speed things up, I am now compiling a list of emails with all people interested in first-hand
  9. Great news Sgt_Baker, I am very much looking forward to the new version! One question please: any chance it will be possible for UltraMFCD 3.0 to export MFDs while using VR at the same time? Again thanks for your work!
  10. I know this has been discussed before, but I was wondering if anyone succeeded in exporting DCS screens while in VR mode? Some special .lua code maybe or any 3rd party software capable of doing this? Export screens while in VR may sound like a strange thing to do, but I enjoy the combination of a hardware cockpit (https://bergisons.simpit.info) and VR outside visuals. It works great in FSX/P3D and would be awesome if it could be done in DCS too. Thanks for any help!
  11. Hey everyone, I am struggling to export engine parameters like RPM via export.lua. As I understand, the LoGetEngineInfo() function does not work anymore and the alternative would be to get parameters via the cockpit indications using get_argument_value(). I already found out that arguments 104 and 105 are left and right thrust lever positions. But what are the arguments for engine RPM? Does anyone know or has any alternative method to get engine parameters to export? Thanks for your help!
  12. Well, we're still in talks with some interested companies as potential manufacturers, but it is not easy to find one who has the required know-how AND production facilities to launch a commercialy available (and reasonably affordable) version of the seat.
  13. Thanks for all your nice replies! Here's a quick update to this project: I've teamed up with a fellow simmer and aviation engineer who helps me with further development and possible commercialization of the seat. We're currently in talks with a company which is interested in producing and selling the Motion Integrated G-Seat. Besides that we also plan to release a DIY version with a kit, plans and building instructions. I'm going to post any news and progress here and on my website to keep you updated.
  14. Thanks for your nice replies guys! I am evaluating means of bringing the seat to market right now, but it will take some time! I'll keep you updated! In the meantime, I plan to shoot a video showing the seat in DCS. What would you like to see preferably?
  15. As promised, the 3rd video of the Motion Integrated G-Seat, where I take it for a ride in my F/A-18 Super Hornet flight simulator, is now online. Enjoy!
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