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  1. Yes some users have requested these maps and also different maps for the other theaters. I will look into it for future updates.
  2. I don't think so. And if it is, it is well beyond my abilities. even if the status in the top-middle says "offline" then at least the Caucasus map should be displayed (without your position). If there is no map at all, then it might have to to with your device. There are some older Android devices which have struggles loading large images (like the maps). Could you please tell me which device you are using and which version of Android? Thanks!
  3. The full version for Android (Caucasus, Nevada, Syria and Gulf) is now available in the Google Play Store! NOTE: consider installing the free Caucasus version first, to try out the app and to test if your DCS data export is working!
  4. The OLD version didn't have Cyprus included, the NEW one does. Please download the new version from: https://movingmap.bergison.com/download
  5. I'd need to buy the Channel map for testing first. Planned, but only if user numbers do justify the effort of coding more maps. In the meantime, the Android DCS MovingMap Caucasus (free version) has been released by Google:
  6. No worries, thank you all for your replies and information - I'm very thankful for it!
  7. UPDATE 31.10.2021: Version 1.0 of DCS_MovingMap is finally done! As requested, this includes new features and will run on Windows AND Android! Note: The Android version is currently under review by Google and will be available on the Play Store soon! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DCS_MovingMap can display a continuously updated, moveable and scalable aviation map of the current DCS World theatre with the ownship position and position of all other units/players (if allowed by the mission creator resp. the multiplayer server host) on a local screen, network computer or tablet. It can be used by DCS pilots for navigation ('where the hack am I?') and situational awareness ('and where is everybody else?'), or by ATC/AWACS players as a radar screen. More info and download on my website: https://movingmap.bergison.com Features: Displays a scalable and moveable aviation map of the active DCS theatre, which it auto-detects on mission start. Currently available maps are: Caucasus, Nevada, Syria and Persian Gulf. (Only Caucasus is available in the free Android version). Shows your ownship position as a symbol on the map and as lat/lon values, as well as your altitude in feet and meters MSL (above mean sea level) and the current wind at your position. Draws other units as color-coded (friendly/enemy/neutral) symbols on the map. Callsigns, unit types and altitude are also selectable for display. Observes F10 View Options set in the mission editor on multiplayer servers, so only allowed units will be shown (e.g. map only, player only, friendlies only or all units). You can set a markpoint on the map to display its lat/lon coordinates, bearing to/from and distance to your own position. Displays engagement range circles centered on active SAM launchers. Works in single- and multiplayer. Requirements: A computer running DCS World by Eagle Dynamics that can export data to DCS MovingMap. (See Download & Installation for how to setup DCS to export data). If running DCS MovingMap on a portable device or other machine than your DCS computer, there needs to be a WLAN network connection between these devices to allow data transfer. Feedback, bug reporting and wishes for added features are highly apprechiated. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Here is a screenshot of what the new MovingMap app is going to look like. I'm almost done with the coding, just some final refinements then I should be ready to publish it on the Android Play Store. There will be a free version with all functionality including the Caucasus map and a (very affordable) full version including Caucasus, Syria, Nevada and the Persian Gulf (the PC version with all maps will remain free). Other maps are in development, as well as an iOS version. I have added some new features and tried to implement users input and suggestions as much as possible. edit: just noticed that LAT/LON coordinates are not shown correctly. That's a bug I'm still working on...
  9. Thanks for your replies guys! OK, understood. To my defense, I modded a Warthog stick to an (almost) non-moving F-16 style stick with pressure sensors. They send analog signals like potentiometers and work really well. I connected them to the potentiometer pins of an old Cougar stick board, because I wanted to use this together with the Cougar throttle. Before posting instructions to the build, I wanted to find out if they can be connected to the Warthog as well.
  10. Does anyone know if the hall sensor (stick x/y axis) of the Thrustmaster Magnetic Base can be replaced by standard potentiometers? The built-in sensor has a 5-pin connector to the main PCB. I am wondering which pins could be used to connect two potentiometers instead?
  11. Thanks for your input guys, I will try to add them to the upcoming release! Exporting waypoints and mark points from the F10 map is an issue though, because they are not exported with every model through the export.lua. So I'd have to read the mission file to get them and even if I get this to work, it would only be the waypoints set in the mission editor and not those created or edited during the mission. If anybody has more expertise on how to export waypoints, I'd be greatful.
  12. Hi everyone and thanks for your patience regarding the announced version for Android. I had to move to a new PC due to several components of my old one failing on me. This halted development for some weeks. Other excuses are my family (with kids at home during summer holidays) and my daytime job recovering from corona... BUT: I now got most of the functionality working with the new code and have already succeeded in exporting an Android build to my phone. Next step is to dig into the matter of publishing in the Android PlayStore (I have never done this before). So stay tuned
  13. ED, can you please consider implementing a way to easily export displays (also while in VR)? Like MFDs displayed on undockable 2D panels, which could be dragged to a second monitor? The current way of modifying the MonitorSetup lua files does not work in VR mode, still I believe a lot of VR simmers / cockpit builders are looking for a way to have MFDs exported. Thanks!
  14. I second -Dagger-s request Sgt_Baker! As much as I understand you beeing frustrated by the way ED treats programmers and contributors like you, what is the point in just letting your great work die? Nobody can use it anymore, as it crashes the lates DCS versions. By letting the community continue your work it would have been worth all the effort!
  15. There is this new feature selectable in the VR settings tab: VR Mirror Options: Use DCS System Resolution it now obviously allows using the set resolution for the VR mirror. Maybe exporting MFDs is now possible after all by assigning dedicated VR + MFD viewports in the MonitorSetup lua files?
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