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  1. You probably selected a NORM alignment and in that case you must confirm the LAT/LONG on the DED within 2 minutes of starting the alignment. Simply press ENTER then dobber down to LON and then press ENTER again. For a quicker alignment procedure (without having to confirm your LAT/LON) just use STD HDG mode (store heading). That aligns faster and you can just roll the INS switch to NAV once you get the flashing symbology on the HUD. See Wag's videos for INS NORM here and his STD HDG update here
  2. Thanks for the tip hughlb will try it out later. I have a x52 and have never needed to tweak deadzone/sensitivity before but the viper seems to have an unusually large zone where my physical movement results in a disproportionately small sim stick movement.
  3. My F-18 folder is 650Mb if that helps.
  4. This argument keeps repeating and is utterly pointless. It always comes back to the same conclusion - nobody is forcing you buy EA modules! Software of this complexity is never complete. It will always miss things you want and have bugs. I really do think people have no sense of perspective and have completely unrealistic expectations. Enjoy your thread.
  5. Really? You speak on behalf of me and the silent majority? Please count me out of your generalisation.
  6. Stop buying EA modules? This model clearly isn't working for you. Nobody is forcing you to put yourself through this pain and hardship. I'm sorry you have such an utterly unplayable experience but to be honest you only have yourself to blame. You've purchased numerous EA modules and haven't learnt from your previous experiences.
  7. I use the pinky switch as a shift button on my X52 so I can assign dual use for every button on the stick/throttle. I used the logitech software to create a profile that has two columns (one without shift and one with shift). What I also do is go into DCS and remove all button assignments for that joystick, I control everything via the logitech software not DCS. In my case the only thing DCS is aware of is axis - everything else is sent to DCS as a key click from my joystick via the logitech software.
  8. For my X52 I just used the Saitek software and programmed a RADAR UP keystroke when I rotate the infinite wheel on the throttle in one direction and a RADAR DOWN keystroke when I rotate it the other way. That way I just scroll the wheel one way or the other to move elevation up and down. As soon as you stop rotating no key pulses are sent and the radar stops immediately at that elevation. It has a very natural feel to it with no real problems.
  9. I will double check that - perhaps after the updates the input config's may have been reverted.
  10. Anyone else seeing this? It's not happening all the time but after certain sequences of radar operation the bracket says -99/-99 ? The obvious culprit would be an incorrect axis mapping but two things preclude that - First I don't use axis mappings (I instead map key strokes to up/down throttle wheel pulses) and second it happens randomly (usually after I've changed various settings on the radar or taken it out of standby into operation etc..). It then takes about 500 rotations of my throttle wheel to bring it back up to normal range. Once it's back in range then it's stable for a while etc
  11. Here's your answer from today's beta notes
  12. Like for like benchmarks using existing rendering techniques (i.e rasterisation) are the only ones I'm interested in right now from a DCS point of view. You can already see the discounts appearing on HW sites for the 1080ti's but if a 2070 is cheaper AND more powerful then it could be worth dropping some coin on one. I'm looking forward to comparison charts in the next few days/weeks.
  13. I very much doubt it was anything nefarious - you'd get that in your popular AAA FPS game but not something like this. Chances are it's either a bug (everyone warped into the ground for example) or as you say intentional in the mission. Open the track file and look at the mission to see if it was anything set. As to your question about client injecting code, very difficult to see that. If the MP server has integrity checks turned on then only a 'clean' client can execute and run the mission - any mods/tweaks etc.. then you can't join the server. My guess is a bug.
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