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  1. It’s not the most intuitive procedure but you can still do it. A-G Master Mode > select CCRP > ICP button 7 (MARK) > Dobber switch right (SEQ button) four times (until HUD is selected on the DED) > DMS forward to make the HUD SOI > TMS forward long to make HMCS SOI > look at the target and TMS forward short to ground stabilize > use cursor to make minor adjustments as needed then TMS short again to set the mark point. If all you have left is the gun, you can still select whatever air-to-ground weapons you had at the start of the mission and the procedure will still work. There’s a minor bug in the system which is why you have to dobber right x 4 to cycle the sensors in the DED. Spudknocker posted a YouTube video on it.
  2. The HMCS actually does work for designating ground targets. Are you using it in VIS mode? If you tell us the procedure you’re using, maybe we can figure out where you’re getting hung up.
  3. +1 Tested this workaround yesterday and this morning. It hasn’t been 100% accurate but it’s a massive improvement. Thanks Jutter!
  4. @alphagamer4 I feel your frustration my friend. But bailing on DCS over the replay misbehaving is like turning down a date with Margo Robbie because you didn’t like her accent in The Wolf of Wall Street. We’ve got to cut the devs a little slack. They’ve made a phenomenal sim!
  5. I get the performance drop in VR when switching from hornet to viper or vice versa. I’m using reverb G2. I have to exit the mission and then change to a different graphics preset, which clears the problem until I switch aircraft mid-mission again.
  6. I too have long been frustrated with the replay bugs and I hope ED can find a way to fix it without rebuilding the whole thing from scratch. One thing I've personally noticed with the replay inaccuracies is that (at least in my experience) player inputs during the replay are the main thing interfering with the accuracy of the replay. I've tested this many times and it seems pretty consistent. If I watch a track without touching the controls, changing the views, using time accelerate, etc. then the track usually plays perfectly. But that means I'm watching the whole video from inside the cockpit when I want to get an external view of the action. As soon as I go to an external view, the inaccuracies start building up. I don't have the first clue about programming, but could this be something that multicore support can fix? In other words, have the original player inputs processed on one CPU core while inputs during the replay are on a separate core so they're not competing with each other. Just some random thoughts from an enthusiastic amateur who loves DCS and hopes to see this fixed.
  7. I’ve been following this topic and I have found that the solutions mentioned work great when playing on a 2D monitor, but they don’t work when I try them in VR (Reverb G2). In 2D, I can slew the MavF seeker no problem, but using the same procedure in VR, no force on earth can get it to slew. That’s been my experience at least. Has anyone else tested it in 2D vs VR? If it’s only happening to me then I’m sure I did something stupid that I haven’t figured out yet. Wouldn’t be the first time!
  8. FrostLaufeyson, watch this video and practice finding targets in the TGP and then use the undesignate button to manually slew your Mavericks. If you learn to do it fast enough, you just might be able to fire four Mavs in one pass. It’s not easy! I usually only use the TGP on the first target and then I use the Mav seeker to lock up the rest. Even then, four in one pass is hard to do! That said, I’ve learned to love the GBU-12. Not as fast or efficient as the maverick, but if you learn to take your time, prioritize your targets, and take them out one at a time, it’s so much more satisfying! Good hunting!
  9. Have faith. All things in time.
  10. I think ED (very wisely) throws out ideas to see what gets people talking and what doesn’t. Personally, I’d love to see a whole world map and if it ever becomes an option, I’ll be the first to buy it. But, if it doesn’t generate sufficient interest, they’ll apply their efforts toward the dynamic campaign, or VR improvements, or an F-4 Phantom, etc. They pay attention to what we show interest in. And for me, the interest is high. I’d love a whole world map!
  11. Any chance we could get a these payload-dependent stats added to the load out screen? I think it would helpful (especially in my beloved Hornet) to know the effect of asymmetric payloads in terms of weight, balance, and drag. Would also be great to know the max range with a given payload and fuel quantity. I know the Hornet has the FPAS available once you’re in-mission, but it would be nice to have that info when creating missions. Thanks ED keep up the great work!
  12. I have the same problem. Very interested in hearing if someone can figure out what we’re doing wrong!
  13. sirrah, I took your idea and added a bit to it. I create F10 radio items that display a message when they’re selected. Then that message is shown for 10-15 seconds and disappears. And then I added a trigger to reset the flag attached to the radio item so that the same radio item can be selected as many times as necessary. Without triggered kneeboard pages, this seems like the next best thing. Many thanks for the suggestion!
  14. What fagulha said! Download the Utility. When I downloaded it, it took me a few days to get it working the way I wanted, so there might be some trial and error but it’s a must for anyone using VR!
  15. That sir is a huge help! I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me!
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