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  1. After taking damage in combat and ending up with a dead engine, on several occasions I've managed to get the engine to carry on as per normal by holding down the starter. Releasing the starter causes the engine to die again. Re-engaging and holding the starter and she fires back into life. Will try to submit a track next time this occurs.
  2. Awesome! Beauteous Butch II please please please :)
  3. AceFire


    Does anyone have the MH434 skin? I've been unable to locate it.
  4. While this is not a bug or a problem here is hopefully some useful feedback to improve the flight model. The aircraft seems to have a little too much directional stability. Behavior during the takeoff and landing phases seems fairly realistic, however not a lot of rudder input / correction is required during power/speed changes. High power, slow airspeed (during a climb) should require a boatload of right rudder. When reducing the power the nose should yaw left. Similarly, any input of aileron (especially when you have 4 of them!), should require a fair amount of rudder to counteract
  5. Hi All, Does anyone have any interest in creating the RedBull skin? Did I mention it gives you wings? :pilotfly:
  6. That's fantastic! Thanks BoNidle. Looking forward to taking it for a spin tonight.
  7. I'd really like to see this scheme done if anyone would like to take on the challenge. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_C._McConnell
  8. AEF seems to have upwards of 15 people on it most nights from what I've seen.
  9. Thanks I thought that might be the case.
  10. Not a very important issue, but is anyone else able to see pilots after they've ejected in multiplayer? A friend and I were planning to 'go for a walk' the other night and couldn't see each others models.
  11. Oh great. Thanks for the quick reply. :pilotfly:
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