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  1. Its the A.R.A. 25 de Mayo (V2), back in the 80s. Its the ex HNLMS Karel Doorman (R81) .
  2. Thank you very much Damien! very appreciated! In my Squad we fly 1970´s so the early helos are very welcome!!! Thanks again!
  3. Yes they did, they said so, and they decided they do not want the trouble associated with an official module. (community bitching, legal hurdles, etc...) I am as frustrated as every one, I want a full module of any A-4, but hey, its their lives, their decision...
  4. Absolutely stunning! Thanks Hawkeye!!!
  5. F-4 Phantom II, No doubt the mots glaring absence in DCS by far.
  6. Baco

    Community A-4E-C

    No Kilo we all use Open Beta. Check that the Rute is: x:/User(thast you)/Saved Games/DCS.Openbeta/Mods/Aircraft/ and here goes A-4E-C folder with all the other folders and files...
  7. Once its out I am sure there will be lots more skins... I don't know if the Collossus suffered much modifications other than the angled deck. I believe we can Skin a few WWII versions all right...
  8. We have so many stand ins in DCS for every map theater and mission.. so just chill an Essex with catapults would do fine until a MOD comes along for the Fury.. +1 for 50s and 60s Carrier born planes! I would rather have a Panther but a Fury yes I would definitely buy.
  9. Sorry, I was making a request but Thne I saw a coment about making a Template to add skins.. Yes please I can giove you the ARA independencia if you let me re skin it.
  10. beautiful! a work of art! One question, have you tried it with the Beta2 A-4? we are having toruble in the old Sao Paulo/Clemenceau MOD it shows damage whe we take off form those...
  11. Baco

    Community A-4E-C

    You need to check that the mod is not on any folder inside the Mods tree. In other words the installation has to be exactly: x:/user/savedgames/dcsopenbeta/mods/aircraft/a-4e-c/ then all the mods folders cockpit, etc... in it. And I don't have any c++ libraries.. I think yu downloaded the source code.. not the mod.
  12. YES!!!! Thank you thank you thankyou!!!!
  13. Nice!!! the more carriers the merrier!!! Thank you!!!
  14. Nice!!! I wish we could have a Modified Essex for our scooters...
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