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  1. Baco

    Community A-4E-C

    there is no need to seet any objective. Bomb Pilon switch on. Fuse to tail o r nose and tail. Step Single Leave lone Interval and quantity fo rnow. Selector to "Bombs AGM" Master Arm ON (Up) Press pickle button (called Bomb release button)
  2. The thing you have to understand with Razbam is that its not juts the core team. Razbam gives a chance to all of those who have a half cooked project and needs a hand with something in particular or a delivering platform. (DISCLAIMER: I am not associated to Razbam its only my personal analysis) SO: Core: - Mirage 2000 (military contract) - Av8B - F-15E Teams that got offered help : - Mig 19 (delivered) and mig 23 (done by Over Startos ) - Tucano (government contract Also a separate team form the core. - IA 58
  3. I would spend my life making maps if I had the tools jajajaja A generic or several generic land mases areas, and objects to place like in the ME, and I would pay up to 300 bucks for that module...
  4. F-4 Phantom II, All and any of them as long as its carrier born. Su-17/22 F-9F Panther/Cougar La-11 F-84 Anything from 50s to 70s-
  5. Nice trials Mmarques. Very useful. And yeas the Tomcat didn´t even fit on Modified Midway Class carriers according to the USN.
  6. Baco

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Thank you for the paint kit!!! very much appreciated!
  7. Fri, you said it. is there any better simulation of modern aircraft for a Cosumer PC (not military)? There you go. Yes its not perfect DCS but is the only thing we have, so for me it works. If it is not enough for you, then learn how to code. I agree we must continue to ask for more, but to say its no good, its rubbish.. its too much and I will not agree. You better than everybody, ED not god enough for you.. well I am sorry. Its good enough for me.
  8. Thank you so much again Admiral!!!
  9. Yes, I agree. The problem is the extremes. One thing is to say, Yo! there are still bugs, please see to them. Another completely different is: this is rubbish, it its unusable... Is it perfect? NO, of course not. Do they still need lots of work. YES Is its enjoyable. for me it is.
  10. Fri, name me a piece of software without bugs... Yeah that´s what I though... Can you fly? can you do combat missions on it? is it fun? (for most of us is) With what seems to be Your definition of "bug", I wonder what are you still paying DCS for.. You can state your opinion all right, just don't expect others to accept it at face value...ang you always get ticked off when people don´t agree with your view of the world...
  11. Hola!!! existe alguna posibilidad de que en el futuro os dediquéis a los antecesores, Dédalo y Principe de Asturias?
  12. Baco

    Corsair Hype!

    Early tiny tim? Would not mind an Illustrious one bit
  13. oh we are posting selfies with corsair now? ok..
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