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  1. Ok - got an error on export: ZERO NUMBER OF KEYS So if there's an Object which don't have animation keys -> how to find that since the exporter doesn't seem to be precise on which Object the error occures. Do I need to check every Object ?
  2. Ok, I've been told that this seems to be a bug in the 2022 plugin. One should ignore it.
  3. 2022. It worked before ! Which is pretty strange. I didn't changed anything
  4. Hi Guys, not quiet sure if anyone ran into this. But all my animations now show REFERENCE TARGET instead of ARG BASED POSITION/ROTATION. Even older files show the same...
  5. Hi guys, anyone know which Plugin-Version works ! Downloaded 3 Versions which only export 28KB
  6. Highpoly version of the BO-105 is done! Also improved the detailing of some devices Merry Christmas to everyone !
  7. Dear Community and Simmers, BO-105 PAH1A1 Cockpit and External Just want to give you a little update on the German BO-105 PAH1A1 (Digital Version). The current status is turning the current 3D Version to the latest standard of the DCS Engine. I added a lot (!) of additional details which raises the polygon count to over the double. Also - I did a highpoly version of the Cockpit model which I use for baking. Every Screw, Bolts, Washer and bumps are modeled so, The helicopter will have a complete new look detail and texture vise. Same for the external. The DCS: Eurofighter Some
  8. Guys, the 105 is in the works by RAZBAM and will be PBR'd and updated to the latest standards of DCS. When I write EF is first priority, it doesn't mean the the 105 will not be continued :). The last and more important thing is income. Having a company means that you need to make money to keep it up - speaking of that means that priorities need to me shifted based on the income. In the moment the Eurofighter and the new Special Paintscheme of the "15 Years UHT Tiger" are number 1, because i get paid for it. One of you may asking themselfes why he don't hire guys ? Very simple. From
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