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  1. Hey LeCuvier! This is very useful, Thank you very much :thumbup: StandingCow: I had a similar problem and found a very useful tool called KneeboardBuilder. It is very easy to install and you can place your Kneeboard freely wherever you want. It works great!
  2. Your assumption is right! I was indeed meaning the HOTAS overlays. But I cut them now and put them into the Kneeboards instead. Since I was writing my post, I played a lot and with different modules and I am even more impressed now how much consistency you managed to preserve between the modules. I feared I need to re-learn everything when switching a module, but it seems whatever can be shared between modules (like Autopilot) is kept on the same spot. Truly impressive work! :thumbup:
  3. Thank you very much RightStuff! This helps a lot :thumbup: Thanks also for mentioning OVGME. I came across this on the Hoggit Wiki this morning and installed it already. This will make life much easier after updats rush in for DCS :)
  4. Is there a way to delete something from the internet, so nobody can find it... never? This is so embarrassing! That switch indeed has 4 positions and not only 3. The Retrain Home is written so close together, it never came to my mind that these are 2 separate positions. You were right! I just checked it and I cannot believe that I fiddled around for hours and did not give that little knob a little bit more spin :doh:
  5. Yes, I flew around and even found the guys by just flying around and they were popping their flares, but I did not hear a tone or saw the needle moving when on the Homing position. The tone on the T/R position even works when I am still in the startup procedure, so the signal is picked up. You guys replying, did you test it in the latest stable release or are you running the beta?
  6. Exactly, that is the needel I am looking at. I even started another mission since my post which also required homing a FM signal at 40.50 MHz and I had the same result. I watched Videos how it works, I read Chucks guide and I am pretty sure I am doing it right, now that I tried it 5 times. Did you create that Screenshot just now? I am on the latest stable release of DCS World btw, just in case you are running the Beta. Edit: I also watched the Video you linked. What is interesting, that he hears the tone of the FM signal not only on the T/R position, but also on the homing position. I
  7. Hi there, I got back into DCS after a while and started flying the Huey again. I wanted to do the Elbrus Rescue mission and to find the troops, you use the FM homing system of the Huey. What I do: Turn on the FM Radio Dial in 40.50 MHz Set the Switch to T/R first, I hear a Tone, so I think I got the right frequency. Put the know to Homing On the instrument Panel, put the sensitivity Switch to High As far as I understand, now the CDI should move... but it does not. Am I missing something in that list? I hope I do and it is not broken :-)
  8. Hey Home Fries! 2 days ago I decided to get back to DCS, and of course I spent the last 2 days setting up my rig, MFD Exports, Monitor configuration and my controls! I searched for a profile for the Huey, but then I came across CTS and boy am I blown away. Everyone working on CTS deserves a medal! I just finished, setting up all my flying machines to work with my Warthog + the Cougar MFDs. I also got me MFDisplay (MFD 4 CTS), which works great too, but with a tiny tiny problem. When I switch between FC3 Aircrafts, somehow MFDisplay does not seem to get the trigger, to switch the Aircraft
  9. Would you mind posting a sample of one of the init files and your monitor file? No matter what I type into my init.lua files, it neither breaks anything nor makes it work like I want to. It is like DCS is not reading the files at all.
  10. I, too, am fiddling around with my Monitor setup files and whenever I thought I found a solution it did turn out to not work anymore. I wanted to have one Monitor setup for all my planes, but since the function reconfigure_for_unit is not working anymore, I started to modify the _init.lua Files for the A-10Cs MFCDs and the KA-50 Shkval and Abris. I still did not get it working. Even if I changed the LEFT_MFCD in the A10Cs mfcd_init.lua to lmfcd or garbage or something else stupid, it made no difference and the left / right MFCDs of the A-10 could still be exported with the keywords LEFT_
  11. I found the file in an old DCS Install I still had. These are the contents of the <dcsFolder>\Scripts\Aircrafts\_Common\Cockpit\ViewportHandling.lua local x0 = 0 local w0 = 0.5 * LockOn_Options.screen.height if LockOn_Options.screen.oculus_rift then w0 = 0.4 * LockOn_Options.screen.height x0 = 0.18 * LockOn_Options.screen.width end -- positioning on screen in HUD Only view function update_screenspace_diplacement(aspect,is_left,zoom_value) local aspect = aspect or 1 local zoom_value = zoom_value or 0 local default_width = w0 + (64 * zoom_value) if default_w
  12. Yes, it´s sad that either Thrustmaster did not do what they promised me, or Microsoft just ignored them. There´s an official way to add certain Device IDs to an exception list. But if it´s not done, certain Windows Updates just bring back the same issue. Luckily there is a workaround for us, but I wonder how many people in the world are not using their MFDs anymore because they are not computer savvy enough or just not aware of this workaround :(
  13. I didn´t try this yet, but maybe someone can answer me a question: Is it possible to display more than one Kneeboard or at least create Kneeboard pages bigger than the default Kneeboard in DCS? The reason why I ask: I have a 2nd screen here with 2 Cougar MFDs on it. When I fly the KA-50 and the A-10 they serve a good purpose. But for other Aircrafts like the Huey or the Sabre, I use the MFD buttons for some cockpit buttons. Having 2 Kneeboards or at least one bigger one placed right behind the MFDs would allow to show the Key -> Button assignments in the MFDs. Like a replacement of the
  14. Thanks SiThSpAwN. Just in case there´s a deadline or "timeout", I hope ED informs us. I´m also tempted to get the Dora now, but there are other planes on the list I would like to have more. But I don´t want to make my decision now, because I better want to make it when the respective Planes are out and I can read their manuals and read or watch reviews. So my selection will be 0 for now and I just hope it does not expire without any notice :)
  15. Congratulations to everyone. And thanks to the Developers for the generosity :thumbup:
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