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  1. Srry if this is a stupid question but how do u know which version a server is running ? Will only the release version servers show if u boot up the release version and only the OB servers show if u boot up the OB version ? Or does Multiplayer show all servers and just not let u in if u are running the different version ? To have both versions on my 500GB ssd is using over 260GB. At some point one of them is gonna have to go unless I can run one of them from a 2nd ssd drive ? EDIT: Ok, can answer my own question now. Only release or OB servers will show in Multiplayer in the relative version u boot up. Far more servers running OB so will move the release to another drive for safe keeping.
  2. Was hopeful the last update would have fixed this but no, still happening. Guess most don't server surf so probably not too many even aware of it.
  3. Yep can confirm this is happening since last patch. Devs please attend to asap. A royal PIA to have to restart the game just to get a server list to appear.
  4. Fixed hanging in Win7 2.1.1 was hanging after leaving GUI to go into FMB or mission or multiplayer as has been described in these forums. Fixed by doing DotNet and other updates for Win7 64bit and by installing latest nVidia driver for my GTX780Ti.
  5. Will editing or deleting any of those files get u kicked or a failure to join a multiplayer game ?
  6. Yes it's a downloadable mod....can't remember if it was free or not. It is quite a threat down low.
  7. Please excuse my ignorance but how do u make Germany part of the Red coalition ? I'm somewhat new to DCS mission building. Also can u tell me what the "Permit Crash Recovery" option does in the mission options? Thx for the help.
  8. Is there any way to get the Fw190 onto the Red side? The 109 is available for "Red" nations but I can't see the 190 as an option for "Red" nations.
  9. I get a huge fps hit when engaging AI (P51s) on a small mission I made to host as a DF server. This is a real game breaker as the slide shows are taking all the fun out of what otherwise would be a good sim. Appears to me that the gunfire might be sucking some resourses. My rig is more than capable (i7 quad 3.2ghz, nVidia GTX580, 24gb ram) and runs Cliffs of Dover maxed out no probs. I only fly in cockpit view and have read some1 else getting fps issues too in cockpit view. Hope this gets sorted soon as some friends were wanting to try this out for DFs.
  10. Let me add my confirmation of this bug in AI planes that takeoff. It's not a problem with AI that are air spawned.
  11. Wheels go up but the cover on the fuselage side doesn't close. This is just a mission I have made to use as a DF server and have included some AI to shoot at in case I am the only 1 in there.
  12. Well my rig is pretty good. Intel i7 quad at 3.2Ghz, nVidia GTX 580 with 1.5gb of vram, 24gb of DDR3 at 1600mhz. This fps hit is quite bad when when mixin it up with a few AI. Even CloD with all its faults doesn't do this. I note that AI P51s that take off from a field don't close the wheel cover fully. AI spawned in already airborne are fine tho. Guess there are still a few bugs to iron out.
  13. Thx Weta for taking the time for the detailed explanation. So the airbase is limited to the number of clients u create. Is fuel load out an option u can change when u select ur plane ingame or is designated by whatever I set it to in the ME ? Do I need to save the map anywhere in particular to be able to host it as a multiplayer DF map? Do I need to create one "player" spawn point for me if I'm hosting or can I select either side to join? Is it normal to get an fps drop when engaging enemy AI? Definate slow down sometimes especially when watching AI firing guns.
  14. Can some1 direct me to where I can find info on how to make a map so I can host a dogfight server. I've made heaps of these in IL2 1946 and Cliffs of Dover but the mission builder in DCS is not overly intuative. I need to have Red and Blue bases to spawn in at (and respawn in at). And how do u enable aircraft identification icons. Built myself a small mission to duke it with some AI but can't seem to get icons to show. I don't usually have them on but as all planes are P51s I would like them on until I get used to recognising different skins. Much appreciated.
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