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  1. For me it literally stops the game dead in its tracks for up to 3 seconds
  2. Just one little observation...the scale on some instruments looks a little off...I wonder if this can be resized for the final release...look at the analog ADI ...its a lot bigger, and if I'M not mistaken this should be an easy fix in 3d max by resizing the whole model element group of the instrument...blue looks darker too .
  3. make sure your anti virus isn't scanning DCS...make it an exception
  4. I'm confused ...why the difference here in the pits? Are they two different planes or are they representing front seat vs back seat?
  5. I'm more excited about this than the apache...
  6. Strange lines in cloud formations...I don't recall seeing these before(ya might have to zoom in on the pic to see it)
  7. ED has enough trouble keeping their code in check as it is ...not a good idea to add to it...maybe when the day comes when we're bug /issue free ,then yeah go for it but not until then.
  8. Missing texture and wrong placement of pylon launcher on the Su-34 platypus
  9. you misunderstood...yesterday after patching ,I flew the mission and got the blackscreen when switching on my mirrors in cockpit...I then restarted the mission and it fixed itself. today I re-flew the missions to confirm the fix worked and it did. I don't know why it didn't fix it the first time launching the game after patching ..that's a mystery but maybe it needed to overite something when mirrors got turned on in the pit.. I really don't know why it happed the way it did..
  10. NO...I'm testing on instant action mission(mig-29 strike intercept) that previously gave me black screen
  11. Havremonster...Also don't forget the anti virus exception...that's a big one
  12. Two missions flown...NO blackscreen
  13. Maybe the relaunch initializes the fix??... I'll report back if I see it again today as I only did 1 mission the day of the fix patch...but I find it strange never the less. I should also add the black screen was solid blackout not a flicker...and it toggled on and off with the activation of mirrors, so maybe they're not the same thing?
  14. BUT the mirror issue was still there ,it was only after relaunching the game did the mirrors work properly...Sooo I dunno what that means
  15. black screen with mirrors on is still there. EDIT when I loaded the same mission the second time(instant action) it was fine(after a relaunch of game)
  16. To add insult to injury..my system gets 30-40 (aircraft/map depending)...you guys should be in the 100's(I should be 50-60) EDIT sorry didn't see this was a VR thread...that makes a difference I think
  17. Its the mirrors...black screen at altitude when toggling on and off...on the ground though it goes away
  18. Not just cluster...its ground ordinance in general. Mine drop into single digits...I'd be embarrassed If I was the coder. This issue pops up so often (I'm talking since flanker days) that its comical...accept it's not. edit well I'm not 100% sure since flanker...but lockOn for sure...still embarrassing.
  19. At night there's strange fog surrounding lights and a weird halo on the back of the seat which doesn't seem to have a light source that I can find.
  20. This file you mentioned is NOT in my saved games folder anywhere...???
  21. unfortunately by doing this my progress in my campaign is lost and that was my benchmark for my previous post...I even copied the missions folder back into the new save folder ...what files do I copy to regain that progress save so I can continue the test comparison? edit Oh wait...my mistake...I see I don't have to do the whole save folder reset....will try again
  22. I will do this and report back...I also noticed that there are no meta shader files in the folder(I had cleaned out both fxo and meta upon patching) but I assumed a "fresh" meta file set would appear...would I be correct in thinking this?
  23. I've noticed this also...drops for no foreseeable reason. frames are better than previous patch but are not stable...example...takeoff at 30fps...landing and 20 fps at same airport in same direction. Why a 10 fps difference? Cruising along at altitude it jumps from mid 20s to 40's.What would cause such a difference?
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