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  1. Thread should remain open until some military radio-wave specialists who in a few years will be former RWR engineers reply in a few years in this thread and declassify what the RWRs of 1990-2000 were capable off.
  2. Negative, enough people already did in this thread ^^
  3. - No UPK-23 gun pod (not installed on Russian Mi-24P's). ok, but what about the 10x more exciting full-auto YaK-B gunpods? Will we at least have those? Mi-24s in Afghanistan were employing R-60 against ground targets. wait, buuuut... which heat-sources on the ground, since there were no ground-vehicles in Afghanistan, riiiight? Or afghans riding on motorbikes? wtf, crazy war. o_o
  4. wow, okay! [google translate: "ED still do not fully know what this law is, plus it came out just now, and the topic is already half a year"]
  5. Please add english subtitles like with the Chizh interview from end 2020. (I'd even be willing to pay for useful english subtitles, if that helps.)
  6. They could've simply placed (funny in some ways, but still mostly useful) english subtitles under the video, just like they did with this waaaay too few views - interesting Chizh interview... EDIT: oh wow, it has automatic subtitles, nice, will give it a try!
  7. The video is in russian? And why not on ED YouTube channel? Strange.
  8. Lol what, how did they miss my video... omg fascinating, how the AKG seeker rendered every single rivet on the Tomcat's fuselage ^^
  9. hey, so the part "an array of antitank guided missiles" in here means that ED is promising us both Phalanga and Shturm missiles, right?
  10. The fact that ED ignores this thread only increases the likelihood for the theory that sb. prohibits them to have the more realistic logic implemented that we had up until 2019... Why oh why does this make me think of this recent ED-statement: Hmmmmmm......
  11. That explains why ED appears to be taking a suuuper relaxed pace at this issue...
  12. on the SLAM ALSO?? How many Hornet-lovers did complain about that then, so far? zero? one? two? Or is ED not taking Hornet-flyers complaints serious?
  13. ETA for fix, Deka? Do you keep pressing this issue with ED staff or not? I can't fly my JF-17 anymore in A2G/A2A due to this issue... [AKG is best A2G+A2A weapon... https://youtu.be/lZBqCy9RwE4]
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