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  1. 6 hours ago, Flappie said:

    This was a freeze, not a crash (the log has no ending). Freezes are usually harder to explain. This one doesn't show anything obvious.

    Well, DCS.exe ended itself... Had it frozen, I could've made a .DMP from the frozen process, and submit it to ED here for fixing the freeze... 😕 but the process just vanished

  2. So, I managed to make the mod flyable (3rd person for now, but we'll hopefully soon have the viewport at the right spot), for now no download link, as it seems to me that the flightmodel still needs tweaking to for it to be able to reach the legendary ~80.000 ft., which Hawkeye will take care of, soon, afaik)


    at some airbase in the western US during the 1950s... 😜


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  3. When having jammed the flaps into extended position, shouldn't they break off or slam into retracted position when in a vertical Mach 0.9 dive? (Have aerodynamic tests proven that F-14 flaps could stand such a strong air-pressure? 🤔) I tried kinda everything to either rip them off to "get rid" of the jammed flaps "issue" or to slam them back into retracted position by force... 😅

  4. Dear Tomcat pilots/professionals/dear Heatblur, why is the heaviest bombload in our DCS Bombcat still only 2x GBU-24, 1x GBU-10 + 1x GBU-16 instead of a perfectly symmetric (thus more airworthy) 2x GBU-24 + 2x GBU-10 loadout? 🤨 (and please don't come with a simple "GBU-24 can't fit next to GBU-10". It obviously can, see DCS screenshot below... 😤🤔)



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